SDPhA Policy Brief


Immunization Laws and Rules Update

A resolution was passed at the Convention encouraging the Association to review and update the current laws and rules affecting immunizations.

As a result of the convention resolultion, SDPhA is proposing to eliminate a current antiquated statutory requirement that a committee of two members of the Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, two members of the Board of Nursing and two members of the Board of Pharmacy meet to determine what immunizations can be offered. The committee has never met to-date, and we believe responsibility rests with the Board of Pharmacy.

We’re also suggesting that pharmacists may immunize anyone over the age of 18 for anything with a protocol/standing order (and of course via drug order , currently in law).

We understand that some confusion has resulted from the way influenza, zostavax and other vaccines are handled, so the language we’re proposing will hopefully provide clarity for pharmacists and prescribers and update current law and rule.