S h o p R e p o r t

focusing your design work in 61

Choose an online shop, a designer brand or retail shop that will be designing for this year

You will be creating a product suitable for their shop/website and will need to keep this in mind throughout the design process.

What is a company profile report?

A written report including

1. Client profile: who shops there?

2. Product range: what types of products do they already sell? Current trends?

3. Price brackets: how much are their products sold for?

4. Location: one-off boutiques, a website based company, a chain store? Local demographic.

5. Shopping experience: shop layout, website style.

6. Services: do they offer any unique services to their customer?

7. Brand: what does the company stand for, their moral, ethical and social values?

8. Manufacture: Where are the garments made?

Choose a suitable retailer to research

1. Choose a company that inspires you and that you are genuinely interested in, however, it must also be relevant to the brief. It can be a small boutique or a global brand

2. Plan a visit. This may mean visiting a shop or studying a website. Be organized! Be prepared to gather information. Perhaps create a questionnaire targeted at the shop owner, customer, or sales assistant. Take a camera, photograph the shop front, shop display, products, typical customer, retail outlet location. Remember: you need to ask permission to do this. This may mean writing a letter or politely asking the shop manager prior to your visit.

3. Writing the report. This is a formal document. Use headings and a clear style of presentation. Break topics up into short paragraphs, bullet points and relevant pictures. Check your spelling, number pages and include a contents page and front cover.

Due in

Monday, Sep. 2nd, 8:45am

Church Road

Petersfield, Hampshire