The Fault In Our Stars

By: Kelsey Dilling


Hazel Grace is a seventeen year old girl. Hazel was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age thirteen. Hazel never really went out, so her mother made her go to a support group. She had been going for a few weeks and then one day she notices a boy staring at her. The boy was Augustus Waters. Hazel and Augustus become quite close and fall in love. It had been Hazel's dream to go and meet the author of her favorite book that was never completely finished.

But sadly she used her make a wish to go to Disney. Augustus also had liver cancer but had gotten cured. Augustus had saved his wish and took Hazel, Hazel's mother and himself from Indiana to Amsterdam to meet the author. They went to an amazing dinner date when they got there. They ate and drank champagne, just the two of them all night. They went to meet the he was rude and they never got their ending. Augustus told Hazel that his cancer was back and he doesn't have much time to live. They get home and weeks later Augustus Water, Hazel Grace's one true love dies. Hazel is devastated and finally finds a note to the author from Gus saying the end he wanted.


One of the messages in the story is life is a struggle. The reason is because Hazel and Gus went through so many struggles. Hazel and Gus went through those struggles but thy were happy to be alive and have each other. Gus went through many struggles before he died like getting his cancer back, hurting and leaving Hazel. Hazel went through her cancer and losing her one and only true love. Hazel became depressed, "I don't want to live in a world with out Augustus Waters".

Point of view

The story was told in Hazel's point of view that is important for many reasons. It is important because if it wasn't told from her point the story would be completely different. If it was told from Peter's point of view he might say that Hazel was a brat and the story would be like he did nothing wrong. We needed to know all about Hazel from her point of view to understand and be informed about the story. That is why it was important for the point of view to be told by Hazel.


The conflicts internal. The internal conflict Hazel faced was her cancer. Another internal was Hazel being afraid and hurting. Some more are when Hazel misses Gus and wants him back she doesn't want to eat or anything. One more is her feeling depressed and not wanted to go anywhere.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist is Hazel Grace she is the main character.

Hazel is a young independent women who fights for what she wants in life. Hazel is loving and caring in many ways.Hazel was externally caring when Gus was sick she took care of him and loved him. We know so much about Hazel and her sickness. Hazel has never been a normal child and teen. Hazel has lung cancer. Even thought she has cancer she is still strong, caring, and independent. The story is about Hazel and her life. The story is also told by Hazel.

The is Antagonist Peter Van Houten. Van Houten was the author of the book that Hazel love. He was rude and made problems for Hazel. Van Houten was a rude, upset, and depressed man. Peter made the trip harder than it was and he was really mean to Hazel and Gus. Van Houten made Hazel more upset then she already was.


The setting of the story is in Indianapolis in modern day.They story takes place in many different places. They story is mostly in Indianapolis, but is also in Amsterdam for a while. The setting is also at Hazel's house, Gus's house, the hospitable and also the support group. Those are the places the story mostly takes place.