Central High School

Choral Department Fundraiser

Support the CHS Choral Department

Customized Jewelry is one of the hottest trends right now. Origami Owl sells Living Lockets that you tell your story with...from birthstones, hobbies, sports, music...we have it all. Choose a locket and chain and then start telling your story...one charm at a time!

How does it work?

You will each have catalogs and order forms and through out the next two weeks, you will sell as much product as you can. You can take orders as well as they can order online at www.genieblazi.origamiowl.com. They must chose CHS Fundraiser at checkout and in order for your child to get the credit, they have to keep record of who orders online from them. They can order anything out of the catalog. Once the orders are placed, the Choral Department will receive 50% of my commission. I will also reward the top seller with an awesome locket combo that is worth over $138. The two runners up will also receive a free locket and 3 charms of their choosing!! Also, any parent that books a party or has someone book a party through this fundraiser will receive 10% of my commission from that party to go towards the club!