Physical vs. Chemical Properties.

Compare and Contrast

Physical Change

A Physical change occurs when an object has a change that does not change their chemical composition. An evidence of Physical Change would be a change in texture, temperature, shape, etc.


  • Boiling Water
  • Melting Ice
  • Freezing Water

Chemical Change

A Chemical Change occurs when two different substances mix to create another substance that has a different chemical composition. An evidence of a Chemical Change would be changes in temperature (works for both), color, odor, and anything that will change it's chemical composition.


  • Rusting Metal
  • Burning Wood
  • Baking a Cake
Precipitate- cause a substance to be deposited in solid form from a solution.
  • When two liquids create a solid.(Chemical Change)

Exothermic- a reaction that cause a release of heat.

  • Making Ice Cubes (Physical Change)

Endothermic- A reaction that causes or requires the absorption of heat.

  • Melting Ice Cubes (Physical Change)