Is the Water You're Consuming Safe?

Find the truth about Water Pollution and how you can help!

Water Pollution - Is It New?

The answer is no, water pollution is something the world has dealt with for years. Ever paid attention to your local ponds and lakes? You may have noticed that some of these aquatic homes are being contaminated with harmful chemicals and other trash primarily from humans. Water pollution has been known to infiltrate our current water system causing diseases, lots of money and research to fight against it and even the loss of many aquatic creatures.

What has the Government and People Around the Globe Done to Prevent Water Pollution?

Laws, Regulations and Treaties in the U.S

Since Water Pollution became a big issue around the world, the U.S since the 1900's has been striving to help defend our water and provide clean, natural water. The Clean Water Act, established in 1977 for the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, began regulating discharges of pollutants to waters inside and around the United States. This began the start of protecting and harnessing the clean water in order to keep humans healthy from dangerous chemicals in contaminated polluted water and protect wildlife - especially endangered species.

We Need YOU To Help

You wouldn't want threatening chemicals in your water would you? Swallowing such chemicals could introduce you to severe rashes, stomach or liver illnesses, and even respiratory problems. To stop this from ever happening to your or to anyone, just follow simple guidelines. Obey laws and acts that help keep ponds and lakes clean. Don't litter your trash around parks and local ponds, there are many trash cans around regional areas to allow you to dispose of your trash properly. Become involved in community groups helping to clean your town's water and wildlife that live there. Any of these options will well be granted for and could impact the world one step at a time, even if you aren't a environmentalist.


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