Great Plains


Summary of the Great Plains

The Great Plains is located in Central Texas between the North Central Plains and the Mountains and Basins and they extend from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande River. The rainfall can range any where from less than 20 inches to over 30 inches of rain per year. The Great Plains is split up into three subregions called the High Plains, the Edwards Plateau, and the Llano Basin. The High Plains is known as one of the flattest places on Earth and makes up the northern part of the Great Plains. This is a major farming area that is very dry with as little as 20 inches of rain per year. The Edwards Plateua on the other hand is made up of lime stone and takes up the southern part of the Great Plains. When the limestone dissolves, it forms caves and underwater streams. The Edwards Aquifer supplies San Antonio's water. The Llano Basin is made up of granite, and the vegetation is made up of mesquite, live oak and post oak trees. The economic resources include oil, natural gas, farming and ranching, cotton, wheat, and rail road shipping.

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