School Year Wrap-Up

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Before I came to Pearland ISD, the Principal at the school in which I taught would ask me... "Seth, did you read that email?" Of course, my answer was yes. Then, she would immediately follow up with... "for COMPREHENSION?!?" Unfortunately, my answer was very often "no", followed by a hearty laugh.

While we all get busy, and we ALL have a lot going on right now, this email newsletter is one that you REALLY NEED to read... for comprehension. :)

Don't Lose Your Files!

If you have files (not shortcuts) stored on your desktop screen, it is a best practice and strongly recommended that you move those files to a "safe" storage location, such as your H Drive. Not only are they still accessible to you through the VDI login, but it also decreases the likelihood that your computer "profile" will become corrupted, and your files deleted.

In short, move your files off the desktop!

Teacher Webpages

The transition to SchoolWires is mostly complete! If you have not made the transition to the new webpage for your teacher site, we will be providing trainings over the Summer that will teach you how to re-build your teacher webpages. Please register in Eduphoria.

Any and all files that you want to keep from your old webpage need to be backed up.

If something were to happen to our data, nothing would be recoverable.

If there is anything that you would like to keep from your website (uploaded files, pictures, student work, etc.), you need to download it and save it on a personal drive. To do so, simply right click, and select "Save As..."

**NOTE** This will not be done for you.

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On Monday, June 6th, all files and folders in the StuPublic drive (the "Eyes") at every campus will be permanently deleted in order to free up drive space being held by unused files. While StuPublic mainly holds student work, if there is anything that you would like to keep (and have the ethical right to keep), you must save it to your own personal drive. Again, this will not be done for you, and no backup will be made.

**NOTE** This does not affect your H drive, only the StuPublic drive (the "Eyes").

Leaving the District?

Exporting Eduphoria Workshop

Leaving the district? If you are moving to a district that also utilizes Eduphoria (or don't know), an export file is the easiest way to move your CPE credits. If this applies to you, please follow the procedures in the following link to get an export of your Eduphoria Workshop file.

Even if you are not leaving the district, the instructions also include how to save your certificates, lesson plans, and PDAS evaluations/walkthroughs for your records.

Unsharing Planners

If you are leaving the District OR moving grade levels, please make sure to unshare your planners on Eduphoria with those that no longer need access to them.

To do so, select "Change My Settings", then "Share My Planner" from the bottom left of the Eduphoria Forethought window. Highlight the teacher's names that you no longer want to share your planner with, then click "Remove Teacher".

*Note - this does not affect their planner at all; the only thing that happens is that your name will no longer appear in their left side "shared planners" panel. If you have planners shared with you that you no longer want shared with you, please email that person, asking to be removed.

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Summer Tech Club

Encourage your students to make a splash with Dr. Penguin’s Summer Tech Club!! The Summer Tech Club is an optional, 100% voluntary, no grades, not tied to any class, fun and exciting club facilitated by Pearland ISD Educational Technology Specialists: Nancy Everts, Seth Fewell, Michelle Hicks, Mary Knight, Melinda Louvier and Adelina Rucker.

Each week will bring a different activity for students to explore and complete. These activities are designed to introduce students to various technology tools and allow them to explore and challenge themselves throughout the summer. There will be a different activity posted each Monday during the summer beginning June 6th and ending August 19, 2016.

Learn more about the Summer Tech Club here!

Sign up to get the group code here!

Summer Professional Development Opportunities

The Educational Technology Specialists are pleased to offer Summer Technology Professional Development for K-12 teachers on June 7-8 and August 3-4. All sessions are listed in Eduphoria Workshop, and open for sign-up. Topics include: Teacher Webpages, Coding, Microsoft Office and Office 365 (O365), Brain Pop, Digital Portfolios, Kahoot, Twitter, and many more.

All sessions have limited capacity, but are all hosted at Dawson High School, so register soon!

Join us on Social Media

The "Littles" are actively using Social Media, and we would LOVE for you to join us. Connect, Follow, Like, and Feed the "Penguins". Tweet/Follow us @pearlandlittles and post to our page on Facebook. To get started, click below to link to each of the social media sites! We all learn better when we learn together!
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