Mrs. G's Classroom News

October 7, 2016

Classroom Management

We had another full, successful week! I was very proud of all the students who ran for Student Council on Monday morning. 16 brave kids got up in front of the classroom and did a superb job of expressing why they would make a good candidate. We had a secret ballot and voted for our 2 top choices. Telling the students at the end of the day the 2 elected representatives is my least favorite aspect about my job! I wish they could have all made it! Nicholas and Morgan were voted in and I know they will both do a fantastic job! Congratulations!

The students really enjoyed Walk to School Day on Wednesday. It was a beautiful, perfect day and I was amazed how a little exercise in the morning before learning really did make a positive impact on student focus and attentiveness. If only we could walk before class begins every day!

We switched for RTI time M-W this week. The students are really liking traveling to their different classes to intentionally work on their specific skills. I am excited about this endeavor as well, and look forward to see how the kids progress with instruction being received this way.

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Writing Workshop

We studied published author's leads and identified that a strong personal narrative lead usually has one or more of the following: description, action, dialogue, setting and thoughts. We revised our own leads after trying a few different ways and picked our favorite one. Students also added an entry to See Saw's online learning portfolio to present what we have learned this week. I look forward to sharing your child's portfolio at our parent teacher conferences in the the beginning of November.

We also worked on our online digital learning portfolios with the program called See Saw. We talked about what could be posted after reflecting on what we learned. Students used their agenda to remind themselves what we covered. I am excited about these portfolios and can't wait to show you during parent teacher conferences.


We are finally done with unit 1! We worked on measurement with a pan balance and gram weights. We talked about multiplication fact families and practiced using our fact triangles. We also worked on to practice strategies the unit covered. They took the long test on Friday and I look forward to starting unit 2 next week on Monday.
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Reading Workshop

This week we learned that in order to understand a just right book we are reading we need to either picture what is happening like a movie in our mind, or gather information the author is presenting to us to help us make sense of the story. We also learned about high quality third grade predictions and learned what it meant to empathize with the characters.

On Friday, students also read their first non-fiction article using the online program called Achieve 3000. We talked about how to read efficiently online and the steps needed to take in order to perform well on the activity. As an incentive to do their very best with these articles that are at their instructional level, I give little tickets that they put their names on. Once a week I will draw a name and that student will have access to our classroom Ipad and Osmo tech kit. The kids love this educational tool and will be motivated to try their best!

Word Work

We worked on lesson 4 this week. We learned about Tall King Think Words. Learning word families like ing, ink, ank, and all are helpful for kids who spell phonetically. Kids also had the opportunity to log into a few times to practice the words. The more exposure they get to the word list, the better. Remember they can log in at home too and practice!

Science / Social Studies

In science this week we finished up our science stations, handed in our participation work for the stations, read a non-fiction text about sound, reviewed for the test playing a game of Kahoot and took the test. The next unit on light will start Monday.

In social studies, students studied Michgian bodies of water and made a Michigan map!

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