Computer Hardware and Software

By Nadim Hossain 8P

Hard Drive (HDD/SSD)

SSD is 34% faster than HDD whereas HDD can hold more storage, so there is no straight reason if any of these are better. (HDD is more cheaper by the way) HDD is about £10-£30 SSDis about £90-£150.HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive and SSD is Solid State Drive which similar as HDD.

Touch Screens

A touch screen is an EVD (Electronic Visual Display) that the user can control using motion touch physically. Which is an input and output device. To install touch screens, it will cost about £70-£100
How Touchscreen works


A monitor is the screen that displays everything that is going on inside the computer. They cost around £100 minimum.

Optical Drive

Optical Disk Drive uses laser light that reads and writes data. it processes Blu-ray discs, CDs, USB flash disk. It is also multifunction.  They cost about £20-£30.
Optical Drive tutorial


CPU stands for Central Processing Unit. It is a hardware that processes programs/applications in your computer. Windows 7: £106 Windows8: £77


Random Access Memory is volatile. It allows random stored data that is accessed in random order. RAM is good because when you run a program, the micro processer pulls the executable file (.exe.) and its quicker. It is temporary memory loss. To buy one, it will cost about £40. Press the link below to understand more about RAM's.


Motherboard is the main board of the computer. It holds the essential parts of the system like CPU, Memory etc. To replace your mother board it will cost £120.
Upgrading A PC: Installing A Motherboard

Input/Output Devices

Input devices are devices that go IN to a computer for example Monitors, printers etc. Output devices are devices that go OUT Output device are devices that go OUT of a computer for example Joysticks, scanner etc. a simple device like a webcam cost's around £12.

Here are images to give you a good idea of everything: