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Week of March 21- 25

A peek into the 2nd grade...

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2nd grade has been studying the physical processes on Earth that create constant change. We have learned about tectonic plates and how over time, these plates move, interact with each other, and are responsible for the formation of ocean basins, mountain ranges, islands, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Students have been researching these concepts, writing about them and will get to see a lot of these things they have just learned about when we go on a field trip to the Columbia Gorge in early May. Students will observe land forms and try to find evidence of change in the world around us.

We have also been studying legends and creation stories from different cultures in literature. Mrs. Richey's class is studying the story of how the turtle got it's shell and Mrs. Ramirez and Ms. Pardun's classes are studying Native American stories about land forms in the Pacific Northwest. Students will soon be assigned to create an original legend story. We can't wait to see what our creative and imaginative students come up with!

Oregon Symphony's Young Peoples Concert

Lincoln Street Elementary School Lifeskills class and Grade 3,4, & 5 students were guests of the Oregon Symphony on Tuesday, March 1. Our students enjoyed a Young People’s Concert at the Schnitzer Concert Hall in downtown Portland.

Before the concert, students learned about the symphony orchestra and a few featured composers: Beethoven (Symphony #5), Mozart, Copland (Rodeo), Stravinsky (Firebird Suite), and Haydn (Symphony No.88). Hearing all the instruments of the orchestra working together was a very special treat. Students studied appropriate audience behaviors and did a great job of being safe, respectful, and responsible.

In addition to hearing great musical works performed live, we got to stomp and clap under the direction of a very talented conductor (Paul Ghun Kim). The narrator, Pam Mahon, told us bout many musical words that described speeds of the music (tempo).

We heard a talented high school student play a trombone solo with the orchestra. The musical selections were upbeat and exciting. We enjoyed the beautifully decorated hall and the soft, comfortable seats.

Thank you to the symphony, our students, teachers, and parent chaperones who helped make the trip a big success!

Concert and Curriculum Night

Our first Concert and Curriculum night was a success! On March 3rd, 5th and 6th graders put on a great concert for their parents and also received some important information about upcoming events. To kick things off, our P.E. teacher Mr. Cossio led some students in a dance called La danzo de los viejitos (The Dance of the Oldies). The dance showed that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still have fun. 6th grade students and parents then went to their classrooms while the 5th graders performed a concert for their families and friends. 6th graders received information about their upcoming outdoor school and then went back to the gym to put on a concert while the 5th graders went to their classrooms. They did a STEM activity that had students using their engineering and math skills. They had 5 minutes to build the biggest, tallest tower they could with marshmallows and toothpicks. They also received information about their upcoming science fair. Thank you to all who were able to attend.

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Grades K-1 : April 27.

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