Happy 2016!

New Year, New You, New Business

Welcome to a brand new year where anything is possible...dream bigger! I LOVE January as it's a fresh start that's filled with possibility both personally and professionally. I know I have many goals in mind and hope you do too! Professionally I want to increase my personal business via socials and 1 on 1s and share the mission far and wide. What about you? Are you ready to ignite, reinvigorate or relaunch your business?
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Let's Get Back to the Basics and Get Trained

It's time to dig into basic training. As another leader said, "This year give yourself the gift of time. Time to dedicate to a cause that inspired you enough to become a part of this movement. The beauty of this job is that it’s not only inspiring, but lucrative as well. Don’t we all deserve the best shot at making this what we want it to be for ourselves? And if we grow our team, we will help grow this movement in the direction it needs to go and we will have a real impact on the personal care industry."

So, I invite you to join us as we go step by step through the 3 training modules Behind the Counter. Whether you're a new consultant or a seasoned leader, this training will help you grow your business and become a better mentor and coach. As with anything it's important to have a strong foundation in order to thrive. So here's the plan. We will do Module 1 in January and Module 2 & 3 in February. Starting Monday, January 11th, we will post info about 2-3 lessons from Module 1 each day (Monday thru Thursday). We'll post on our team FB page and all you have to do is comment about your biggest take-a-way. Each day you comment you'll be entered to win. If you comment throughout all 3 weeks you'll be entered to win our grand prize. The challenge to you is to carve out time to go through the training. In other words - focused, dedicated time working in front of your computer, watching the videos, filling out the worksheets, and taking the action steps.

Before you jump into Module 1 please click on the GETTING STARTED Tab BTC and fill out the QUICK START CONSULTANT ACTION PLAN. Please share it with your mentor or who ever you reach out to for help. Your mentor is here to help you achieve all your goals both big and small. In order to do so they need to know what your hopes and aspirations are so they can coach you accordingly. If you feel like you don't have a mentor, please reach out to me and I will be your mentor! So, who's in?!

Week 1 - 1 consultant will win a lip sheer of choice
Week 2 - 1 consultant will win an eye shadow of choice
Week 3 - 1 consultant will win a cream blusher of choice

Grand prize - If you comment in all 3 weeks you earn a chance to win the entire Brush Collection or a $50 Gift Card to Lululemon, Athleta or Nordstroms!

I will be honest and tell you guys that I have not started the modules as the Holidays were so busy when this training was released. I am starting the training this weekend and I know that even a year into the business...I am going learn so much!

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Cheers to a Happy, Healthy and Amazing 2016!

Thank you for saying "yes" to Beautycounter and all that you do to share our mission. We are so grateful to have your voices at Beautycounter!