White Ribbon Week

September 19-23

What is White Ribbon Week and Digital Citizenship?

This week, September 19-23, is White Ribbon Week at Foothills Elementary!

White Ribbon Week is a week where our school will focus on helping kids make healthy choices in media and technology. Kids today may seem like experts at using technology, but the digital world requires all kinds of skills and habits that kids don't just pick up as they go. Digital citizenship helps them learn those skills.

Through the help of the Net Positive Program students will participate in an assembly on Monday followed by lessons and activities the rest of the week that are age appropriate and tailored to their specific grade level. Teachers will guide their class through the different activities and principles of online behavior each day and then they will provide information to parents on what was discussed for the week.

Family Support of White Ribbon Week

A big part of White Ribbon Week is having families talk together about healthy choices in media and technology at home AND school. Please watch for an email from your child's teacher about what they are discussing at school so you can follow up at home. Mrs. Stoddard will be sharing daily emails with quick tips and information for parents in regards to Digital Citizenship. Watch for a Healthy Media Pledge paper to come home with your student so you can talk as a family about the ways to stay healthy and sign it as a family. Together we can keep our kids educated and safe!

A Ted Talk for Parents

We would like to encourage our parents to spend 18 minutes this week watching this Ted Talk by Collin Kartchner (or reviewing it if you have watched it before). The talk is about the dangers of Social Media and shares some great ideas and thoughts that all parents will benefit from.

Click here to watch the talk. It is entitled, "Can Flip Phones End Our Social Media Addiction?"

Other Family Resources for Digital Citizenship

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