Born To Be Wild

Dont have exodic pets

Wild animals could carry diseases

Lots of animals could have diseases like raccoons and maybe skunks. They could have rabies. They could carry them without any symptoms of it. Lots of people get salmonella each year it could get worse if you go by any of your family members.

What's illegal to own wild animals?

It is illegal to keep wild animals captive or to raise them from this goes for baby coyotes and monkeys and is an illegal to trade birds from your back yard to.

Wild animals could carry diseases like rabies. Animals like skunks and raccoon.

This is one of them below.

They start to go crazy then they start to kill.
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Dangers for animals

And animals don't stay small forever. some people adopt pets just because they might be cute but when they are all grown up their instincts will start to kick in they will start to kick, scratch, bite ruin your furniture or even worse.

They might not need rescuing

They might look abandon but they are not. Like mother bunnies leave their baby bunnies alone during the day to avoid drawing attention

Experts say

Experts say that having an wild animal could carry really bad diseases and stuff like that. They could give you diseases that can kill you or harm you in many ways that you don't want to be harmed.

They dont like to be in little places forever

They don't like to be in little places forever like cages or houses or other things like that. That is why they will try to kill you and try to escape from you and go around the town killing people. That is why i don't want a wild pet as a pet.


THEY ARE DANGEROUS!! Never have a wild pet as a pet and that will be the end of you because you will be by them every day and the next thing they get a snap then they are totally different they are clawing at your face and other thing and then escape etc.