World Religions

Christianity, Islamic, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism


Place Served: Church

The Holy Book: The bible

There is only one God so it is Monotheistic which they call Jesus

Rituals: Praying, and every sunday or sometimes saturday night you go to church.

Holidays: Christmas, which is the celebration of Jesus being born. Also easter is the celebration of Jesus resurrecting from the dead.


Islam people only have 1 god which makes them Monotheistic

Place Served: Mosque

Holy Book: The scripture they read is called Quran

Holidays: They celebrate Muhammad's birthday, Ramadan is a holiday which is a month of fasting.

Rituals: must travel to Mecca once in their life times, they pray, fasting (no eating), and sacrifices.


Holy Book: The Torah

Serving Location: Synagog

Rituals/Rituals: Praying, Beleiving in After Life, Beleif in Messiah (end of days), 13 Articles of Faith.

The Religion of Judaism is Monotheistic

Holidays: Hanukka which is an 8 day celebreation of a Jewish army defeating another army, and another one is Rosh Hashana which is the Jewish New Year.


Holy Book: They have multiple books with different stories but the Vedas contains the most primary knowledge.

The Hindu Religion is Polytheistic

Gods: Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, Durga, and Lakshmi are all Hindu God/Goddesses

Serving Place: A Temple

Rituals/Beliefs: they believe in reincarnation (after death coming back as something new),believe animals are sacred so they are vegetarians.

Holidays: Rama Navami (birth day of Lord Rama), and Krishna Jayanti (birthday of Lord Krishna)


Holy Book: Tipitaka

The Religion of Buddhism is Polytheistic

Serving Place: Temples/Mediation Centers

Gods: Main belief is Buddha, but they also worship other things

Rituals/Beliefs: Beleive in journey to enlighten ness, Mediation/Calm Peace of Mind, and Prayer.

Holidays: Buddhist New Year, Buddhas Day, and Ulambana (Ancestor Day)