Newsletter Week 4 Term 1

St Peter's College 3rd March 2023

Principal's Message

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Kia ora e te whānau

We are now well and truly into the season of Lent when we remember and celebrate Jesus’ passion, and the mystery that is, his death and resurrection. It is a time for prayer and reflection of who we are as a Catholic kura. To “Be Mercy” in all we do is an action rather than something we give up for Lent. I challenge our kura to reflect on this as we go through Lent in the build up to Holy week.

This week we welcomed back John Parsons to the school and it was a privilege once again to hear stories of mistakes young people have made with their digital footprint and the message that we are people of forgiveness. We can learn from these mistakes and strive to do better and be more responsible with technology. I hope the students and parents who attended the sessions got a lot out of this. Supporting busy young people who balance schoolwork, after school activities, part time jobs and a growing interest in having ‘a social life’ has its challenges. However, I am sure you will agree it brings a huge amount of satisfaction.

Catholic schools have always been about academic excellence, but this is not at the exclusion of the education of the whole person. This year we have extended our whānau time to include increased assembly time, where we can come together as a whole school to communicate and listen to shared expectations around our school values as well as come together in prayer. Every fortnight we are also having year level assemblies led by the deans to come together and build a culture of communication and representation of academic and co-curricula activities. When we come together in our house whānau groups this is an opportunity to help integrate our newest and youngest students into St Peter’s College through Tuakana Teina as well as teaching students the social and emotional tools that help students make good choices, manage their emotions, create positive relationships, and collaborate. Something that has become even more important in the wake of the pandemic.

A reminder to those of you who were here for the beginning of our whānau time journey and a recap for those of you who are new to our community- whānau time was born from an external pastoral review of the school that told us among many things that students in this school did not feel they had a safe and caring connection with a single adult at St Peter’s College. Whānau time has allowed us to dedicate 2-3 committed staff members to each whānau group of approximately 27 students to help support, nurture and really get to know each individual student. Finding multiple opportunities to let children know that “We care, that they matter, and that we are going to show up for them no matter what” makes all the difference. When we have those kinds of conversations, students show up in the classroom and they have a better sense of how to process whatever challenges they might be facing.

The benefits of social-emotional learning are difficult to deny. A recent meta-analysis, which reviewed studies of 1 million students over the last 10 years, found that these approaches have consistent, positive effects on student outcomes, including increased social and emotional skills, attitudes, and academic achievement, and fewer problems with conduct and emotional distress.

Thank you for supporting our move to vertical house whānau time. Through this initiative every student, along with caregivers and their subject teachers’ and whānau teachers, will be engaged in developing relationships and setting our expectations for the year. Each one of our students possess God-given gifts and talents and it is our job, and our privilege, to help them become the very best version of themselves aiming high in their aspirations.

We certainly hope that here at St Peter’s, the education of the students is a partnership and that our desires as parents and teachers complement our Catholic tradition which aims to form young adults who will make a difference.

Charity Fulfils the Law

Tara Quinney,


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Farewell for Annie Nelson - former Principal of St Mary's school

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Sacramental Programme 2023

As a Catholic school, we believe that the sacraments are an important part of our students' spiritual growth and development. In partnership with St Mary’s School and the Gore Parish, we are offering the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Holy Communion to students.

If you would like to know more about the programme, please contact our Director of Religious Studies, Mr Brendan Terry at
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Work Day - 8th March

The St Peter's College Annual Work Day is being held on Wednesday, 8th March. This event is a great opportunity for students to support worthy causes both locally and abroad by doing paid work for the day.

If you know of any available jobs or projects, please let us know as we are always looking for ways to involve our students in this worthwhile tradition.

Brendan Terry

Director of Religious Studies

Leadership Day for Head Students

Last Friday, our head students, George Hedley and Rachael Miller, attended a leadership day with other student leaders from Southland Secondary Schools, in Winton. This was a fantastic opportunity to participate in team building, goal setting, networking and making change. They also listened to guest speaker, Rob Scott, the Southland District Council Mayor. Already they have come back to the student executive table with some great leadership ideas. A big thank you goes out to the Principal of Northern Southland College, Pete Wilkinson, for organising this day.

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Award - Congratulations to Sam Clarkson

Congratulations to Sam Clarkson who completed his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award last year and was presented with his certificate of completion and badge at assembly this week. Well done, Sam.

Whanau time

Here are some Finlay 3 Whanau time pictures of them playing "the floor is lava".

Tiger moth Flight for Kasidis Chuttong (Bhoon) one of our international students from Thailand

On Sunday, our youngest International student Kasidis Chuttong (Bhoon) from Thailand was super excited, and brave, to go on a Tiger Moth flight at the Croyden Aviation Heritage Centre.

Kasidis donned a leather jacket, helmet & goggles to experience the thrill of a flight in an open cockpit.

Looking super smiley at the start, Kasidis said he felt a little sick by the time they landed but it was really fun as the flight was scenic but also included some aerobatics!!

The International Students are all engaging in new sports and activities and we look forward to sharing their adventures with the St Peter's College Community.

North Island Volcano Tour 6th-10th October 2023

I will be running a trip for Year 11's and 12's in conjunction with Otago Boys High School. The students will have the opportunity to complete a 4 credit internal related to the geological features we will be visiting (this is over and above the many opportunities your children will have to gain the credits required to pass their respective Level).

The trip gives students with an interest in geology to visit first hand and learn about them from our tour guide and ex-Science teacher who specialises in this field. Many of the sites visited also have huge cultural significance. One of the highlights for me when I last went on this trip was to visit the GNS Headquarters in Wellington and then go out into the field to measure and observe some of the evidence from past earthquakes. This visit hasn't yet been confirmed but we are hopeful it will be possible.

The cost of the trip is approximately $1700 with an initial deposit of $200. The cost will depend on how quickly we can book flights and the total number of students on the trip (max 20).

If you are interested in your child taking part in this amazing opportunity or have any further questions, please e-mail me at

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Uniform Shop

You are able to purchase St Peter's College sunhats from the Uniform shop for a price of $28 each.
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Someone to take photos at the School Ball Walk through

Would any parent in our school community be keen to take photos at the School Ball walk-through on Friday, 24th March? Approximate times are between 5 and 6.30pm. This would be inside the school hall as the couples walk down the red carpet stage.

If you can help, please contact Sharon, 027 2851067.


Please feel free to send in any of your child's sporting achievements if you would like them to appear in the newsletter. Email them to

Athletics Day Monday 20th February

St Peter's College Athletics were held on Monday 20th February, with some excellent results coming through on what was a very hot day! Thank you to all our St Peter's College staff that helped out on the track and in the field and a special mention to our parent helpers, Ed and Sarah Wigersma, Jamie Chittock and Al Wilson, for taking the time out of their busy days to lend a hand. It was very much appreciated. Thank you.

We had a massive 8 records broken! Congratulations to the following students who were impressive on the day breaking the following records:

  • Under 15 Girls High Jump Record for Ava Wiegersma 1.47m. Previous record of 1.45m in 2007/2020 held by B Jones/A Hailes.
  • Under 14 Girls 100m Record for Sara Aynsley – 13:80 seconds. Previous record of 13:83 seconds in 2004 held by R Gibson.
  • Under 14 Boys 400m Record for Max McGregor – 1:02:92 minutes. Previous record of 1:03:94 minutes in 2009 held by T Adams.
  • Under 13 Boys 200m Record for Max Wiegersma - 27.29 seconds. Previous record of 28.03 seconds in 2011 held by H Hape-Crammond.
  • Under 13 Boys 800m Record for Max Wiegersma – 2:27:5minutes. Previous record of 2:34 minutes in 2008 held by T Adams.
  • Under 14 Boys 800m Record for Max McGregor – 2:21:89 minutes. Previous record of 2:27:75 minutes in 2019 held by E Friend
  • Under 14 Boys 1500m Record for Max McGregor – 4:53:8minutes. Previous record of 5:5:84 minutes in 2019 held by E Friend.
  • Under 15 Girls 3000m Record for Millie McFadzien – 11:04 minutes. Previous record of 12:11 minutes in 1998 by C Hunter.
  • Under 14 Boys 3000m Record for Max McGregor – 10:14 minutes. Previous record of 11:14 minutes in 2022 held by D Nelson.

St Peter's Athletic Age Group Champions 2023

Under 11

Boys - Mason Chittock

Girls - Mia Wilkins

Under 12

Boys - Moss Wilson

Girls - Lily Gemmill

Under 13

Boys - Max Wiegersma

Girls - Addalyn Proctor

Under 14

Boys - Max McGregor

Girls - Sara Aynsley

Under 15

Boys - Cohan Karena

Girls - Millie McFadzien

Under 16

Boys - Sam Horrell

Girls - Addi McHaffie


Boys - Connor Sharp

Girls - Mary Salvana

House Points:

1st - McAuley

2nd - Finlay

3rd - Rosmini

4th - Pompallier


For new students interested in playing netball please join the St Peter's College Netball Page as this is where all the important information will go. It will also be displayed in the Fishbowl so to please keep an eye out.

Southland Triathlon Championships

The Southland Triathlon Championships were held on Friday, 24th February, hosted by Central Southland College, Winton. This was a championship event and participants needed to be competent in all three disciplines (swim/bike/run).

St Peter’s was well represented by four students: Ava Wiegersma, Charlotte McVicar, Jessica Drummond and Max Wiegersma, who all did extremely well. Congratulations to you all, outstanding results:

U16 Girls Individual

Ava Wiegersma – 2nd place

U14 Girls Individual

Charlotte McVicar – 2nd place

Jessica Drummond – 4th place

Year 8 Boys Individual

Max Wiegersma – 2nd place

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Coming up.......

SISS Triatholon - Sunday, 5th March

Year 12 PE Surf Camp - Sunday, 5th to 7th March

Southland Touch Tournament - Tuesday, 7th March

Work Day - Wednesday, 8th March

PTFA meeting - Tuesday, 14th March

PPTA Teacher Strike day - Thursday, 16th March

Year 12 Food Technology Field Trip - Friday, 17th March

Southland Surfing Championships - Saturday, 18th March

Year 11 PE Camp - Monday, 20th March and Tuesday, 21st March

Junior Lit Quiz - Wednesday, 22nd March

Teacher Only Day - Friday, 24th March

School Ball - Friday, 24th March

SISS Touch Championships - Sunday, 26th March

Loving for Life - Monday, 27th - Wednesday, 29th March

Senior Quad Tournament - Sunday, 2nd - Monday, 3rd April

End of Term 1: school finishes at lunchtime - Thursday, 6th April

School PickUp

SchoolPickUp is an online store, selling a very wide range (currently 10,000 items and growing) of high-quality products. Most importantly, any purchases you make will mean 50% of the profits go straight to St Peter's College Gore.