Japanese 1 - End of Course Project

Week of 12/14 - 12/18



I am hosting a live session on Blackboard Collaborate TONIGHT from 7:30PM - 8:30PM! During this time you will be able to bring questions and get assistance on your end of course project. If you still have a lot left to do on your EOC project, I strongly recommend coming to this session for help!

Your score on the entire EOC project will have a huge impact on your final grade. There is still time to work on your project and earn a good score if you take the initiative to work on your project and help yourself by attending this help session. Turning in a good End of Course project gives your grade a major upward boost. Not submitting an End of Course Project or an incomplete one will hurt your overall grade.

For those of you with Monday night coaching: If your coaching sessions ends at 7:45, I suggest coming right after coaching ends. if your coaching session begins at 8, you can leave the live session early to attend your coaching session.

To attend this session, simply go to the Your Coach link and click the link that will allow you to enter Sarah Boutin's Collaborate Classroom instead of clicking the one you normally click for your coach. (It's down at the very bottom so you have to scroll down a bit.)

End of Course Project Due on Thursday - 12/17

*Please submit your End of Course project no later than this Thursday*

There are two parts of the EOC Project:

Part 1 is a power point presentation where you will use course material to talk about yourself in Japanese. This consists of 16 slides.

Part 2 is a Japan Travel Brochure in English.

Remember that you will have to site your sources for this project. Details are listed on the assignment page, but if you need help with this part of the assignment, please contact me TODAY.

The link to the End of Course Projects instructions is in blackboard on the left hand navigational toolbar under the End of Course Projects link.

Before submitting your project, carefully re-read the instructions to be sure your project meets all of the requirements.

You may submit your End of Course Project early if you finish before Thursday.


Reminder - NCVPS Course Survey

NCVPS is seeking feedback from students on this course. Please take a few minutes today to complete the survey if you have not done so already. This will help us make the course better for students who will take it next year.

Link: https://ncvps.qualtrics.com/ SE/?SID=SV_4Sm8S6bCovxuuQl


Final Linguafolio Project Due 12/15

Please be sure to submit your final Linguafolio project no later than Tuesday, December 15th.

You will need to submit a total of 5 documents:

  1. Biography with as many pages filled out that apply to you as possible. (With the exception of perhaps Pages 5 (Hosting an Exchange Student), 8 (Pen Pals), 10 (Exchanges and Study Visits), and 15, Language and Intercultural Experiences, you should have something written for all the pages.)
  2. Novice-Low checklist.
  3. Novice-Intermediate checklist.
  4. Passport
  5. Dossier cover page and Table of Contents

This entire project is worth 100 points! Be sure that you make a submission. Contact me today if you need help with this assignment.

Linguafolio Early Birds

The early bird students listed below have already submitted their final Linguafolio:

Winnie W., Emily B., Kaisia T., Ashley Z., Selena J.


Great work everyone! Thank you!

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Click Here to Access the *FREE* Peer Tutoring Center

NCVPS offers a FREE peer tutoring center for all students of Japanese 1 to receive some extra help or practice with the course material. Click the button above to access it and log in with your NCVPS ID and password.

Key Upcoming Course Due Dates:

Tuesday, 12/15: Complete Linguafolio Project Due

Thursday, 12/17: Entire End of Course Project Due

12/21 - 1/1: NCVPS Winter Break (No Class)

Monday, 1/4: Final Exam Opens

Thursday, 1/7: Last Day to Submit Final Exam

Friday, 1/8: Last day of class/last day to submit assignments from Lessons 8 - 13

Japanese 1 Due Date Calendar

Click the button above to access the due date calendar. This lists all assignments and what you should be working on each week in the course.

Introducing Yourself

Do you remember how to introduce yourself in Japanese? Tanaka san is back this week to help us remember how to do this. Listen to her self intro below:

えいごでいみはなんですか。- What does it mean in English?

Let's review what Tanaka san said line by line:


Nice to meet you for the first time.


My name is Kimiko Tanaka.


I am seventeen years old.


I was born in February.


I'm an 11th grader. (second year high school student)


Please treat me kindly.

Do you remember all of this? If you need a refresher, check out the grammar notes from lessons 1 - 3 below.

Tuesday Culture Cafe!

Please join us on Tuesday for a Culture Cafe hosted by Beaver Sensei on New Year Celebrations and Traditions in Japan. Hope to see you there!
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Submit ALL Overdue Assignments ASAP!

Special thanks to all students who submitted overdue assignments over this weekend!

Do you have any overdue assignments? At this point, any assignment from lessons 8 - 13 that has not been submitted yet is overdue and needs to be submitted ASAP for a grade.

To view your missing assignments:
Open the Japanese 1 course in Blackboard and click on the My Grades tab (on the left hand navigational toolbar) and see if you have any assignments marked with a 0 or no submission. If you see any, make a note of what you're missing and make a plan to submit it.

I strongly recommend submitting all overdue work prior to winter break so you can enjoy yourself over the holidays!

Contact Boutin Sensei

Monday Office Hours: 5 - 9PM

I am around for help with EOC projects!!

I can be reached through any of the contacts below. During the school week I respond to all messages within 24 hours, often much sooner.