By: Macy Smith

Rome is So Beautiful

In Rome there are so many beautiful sites to adventure and see. There is the Circus Maximus and you can meet so many new people there. There is also the Roman Colosseum. It is so pretty. It is a great place for visitors and travelers, but even a better place for people who live there.

For The Kids

For your kids, there is a great education. No matter how wealthy or poor you are, you still get the same amount of great education. All of your children will be pleased with what they are learning. They will get amazing food to eat. Rome is known for their pasta. It is phenomenal! Your kids will have the most amazing time in their life here. There is plenty of great activities for your children to do that will entertain them so much, the parents won't have to stress out!

Daily Life

If you were somebody who lived in Rome, your life would be amazing! You could go to the Circus Maximus, the Roman Colosseum, and many more wonderful adventures to see. The food is amazing and there is great education for your kids. If you had a lot of money, you would live in a fancy Villa and if you weren't you would still have a house!!