Augmented Reality Flashcards

The Future of Flashcards

AR flashcards are changing the way children learn the alphabet. With the techology of Augmented Reality, these flashcards become interactive and 3D for young children who are learning their letters and letter sounds.

Users can download this free app on their iPhone, IPad, or Android powered device. Once the app is downloaded, the free flashcards can be printed in color and can be used with the app. When the program is opened, press “get started” and a camera viewer will appear. Place one or more of the cards in view of the camera and watch the magic happen.

AR Flashcards Strengths

  • AR Flashcards is a free app!

  • There are 26 beautiful animal cards to help young children learn the alphabet.

  • The interactive letters keep children engaged for longer periods of time.

  • Children can tap on each animal to hear the letter and name of the animal.

  • More than one flashcard can be placed under the camera at a time.

  • AR Flashcards now offer a Solar System set to help children learn the 10 planets.

AR Flashcards Weaknesses

  • This app will only work on devices with a camera.

  • The flashcards will not work in black and white. They must be printed in color.

  • The flashcards can be distracting when children are trying to learn the letters. Children may focus more on the 3D interaction and less on the recognized letter.

AR Flashcards in the Classroom

I recently used this app with my first graders. They loved seeing the animals appear when they placed the flashcards under the camera. In the future, I would like to use this app as a center in my classroom. Students could:

  • shuffle the flashcards and alphabetize them
  • shuffle the cards, lay a limited number out, and build beginning or ending sounds
  • shuffle the cards, lay them out and have students spell their name (you may need two decks of cards)
  • print two sets of cards and play memory
  • count the legs of each animal
  • identify the color of each animal
  • identify the number of syllables in each animal word that is on the flashcard


“My daughter was repeating the letters and animal names and I could tell that she was learning a lot from this app, which of course is what is most important to me as a parent.”

"Love how the animals pop up! My son gets a huge smile on his face when the animals appear. The new graphics are great and being able to take pics is cool."

“It’s definitely unique and a very clever way to get children involved in learning the alphabet and animal names.”