All About Ashley Brewer

All About Me

Meet Ashley Brewer

My name is Ashley Brewer. My family members are my mom (Tammy), my dad (Phillip), my sister (Addison) and my other sister (Emma). My favorite extracurricular activities are playing volleyball, playing basketball and going to church.

What does it mean to be a leader?

To be a leader is to be the good example for others, to help people with anything they have trouble with, doing good deeds like holding the door for someone, to make good grades and to follow all the rules.

Three of my Famous Influential Leaders

Leaders in my Life

Goals in my life

Short Term Goals

  • passing the Staar
  • getting 100% on a math test
  • doing my homework
Long Term Goals

  • getting a scholarship in volleyball
  • becoming a doctor
  • finding a way to prevent cancer