The career of Jesse Phillips

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Who am I

I am interested in Visual arts, Law enforcement, and Emergency and fire management.

I am skilled in design pre-construction, visual arts, and Audio and video technology and film.

My values are innovation, accomplishment, then prestige.

I have a balanced realistic self-esteem.

I am a musical learner.

This is all important in picking a career because it will help you pick a career that you will enjoy and be good at.

My career as a sound engineering technician

Operate equipment to record or reproduce sounds, music, or voices for video productions.

•Annual Salary: $46,310

•Job Outlook: Little or no change

•Cluster: Arts audio technology and communications

•Work Schedule: 40 hours a week usually on a deadline

•Work Enviornment: Generally indoors in pleasant settings

Something interesting about being a sound engineering technician would be that alot of people might hear the things that i work on.

How do I get there

I would like to go to Guilford Technical Community College. It is located in Jamestown, North Carolina. I want to go to this school because it is a school that will help me in my career. It is also close to my family in Maryland. I need a Professional Certificate for my career. The tuition will cost about $8,458. I hope to have an academic scholarship as well as a band scholarship.