Tasmanian Devils

Aren't they wickedly cute?

Tasmanian Devils and Their Extraordinary Features

Tasmanian Devils have various astonishing features and behavior ,such as, they release a terrible gas when stressed and yawn to show that they are not intimidated. Tasmanian devils are the largest marsupials and like other marsupials, it stores fat in its tail. They have black fur and most have a white strip around its neck and random white patches on their backside. They have a big head and a strong jaw. Even though, Tasmanian devils are the size of a small dog(30 inches) and weigh up to 26 pounds, they have astonishing strength. They can climb trees and swim across rivers. Although, Tasmanian devils are not fast, they can run 15 mph for an hour non-stop.Tasmanian devils can gnaw through metal trap, earning their spot as the strongest bite of any land mammal. (L,S)(N,G)(T,D)

Get to know Tasmanian Devils more

Tasmanian devils reside in Tasmania,Australia and are often found in hollow logs, caves and abandoned burrows. They are often found in forests and scrub lands. Devils do not have any natural predators, but small devils are targeted by owls and eagles. Tasmanian devils especially like feasting on wombats and wallaby but they are willing to eat anything. They like to eat the digestive system first because it's the most tender part. Tasmanian devils can eat up to 40% of their body weight.Tasmanian devils are generally nocturnal but will sometimes come out at day time to protect territory. When there is food, Tasmanian devils tend to show who's the strongest for more share of the prey. (L,S) (N,G)(T,D)

Why are They Endangered?

Save these amazing animals from dying a miserable death

What do the Tasmanian Devils do for Us?

Tasmanian Devils are one of the few mammals that can bite through bones, the second hardest thing in your body. Since devils can eat almost anything, they do us a favor by eating of the rotten animals. This is good because the decayed animal could get into our water source. These marsupials could also provide potential for medical benefit since they might produce chemicals that could cure diseases.(L,S)(N,G)(T,D)

Save the devilish Devils.

Do you love the Devils? Have you realize how much we need them not only for the environment but also to discover new things through the devils. If you do then please donate to "Save The Tasmanian Devils Program".
Tasmanian Devil screaming

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