• Amish do not have to pay social security taxes.
  • They do not go to war, hold public office,or swear oaths.
  • They teach all about world and religion.
  • There framers as a living
  • They believe in private property, and freedom


  • They mostly live in low populated communities
  • Females after married they wear plain dresses and bonnets
  • Men after married they have to grow beards
  • They believe in hard work and stresses
  • They do not participate in government programs
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  • They came yo north America in the 1700's
  • They also came from Switzerland
  • they live in south america
  • they mostly live in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania
  • They do not live in Europe
  • Amish was named after Jacob Ammann
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Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are that Amish people have to believe strongly about there religion. And you can become Amish if you chose to. I would really love to visit a Amish village.

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