German Shepherd

Unique animal

Fact Life

  • Name of animal? : German Shepher.
  • Where it lives? : The German Shepher lives in Germany.

  • What it eats? : meat and bonzo.

  • What it can and cannot do? : The German Shepher can do- Assault, Chases, Search and Rescue.
  • German Shepherd is a hybrid of dog and wolf

Describe the animal I chose

  • The German Shepherd His body length longer than its height, it has strong jaws, medium-sized eyes and brown color, his ears are large and strong enough to stand tall, strong body, tail thick at the bottom, and, and ....
  • German Shepherds have short fur and is made ​​in a variety of colors from brown to
  • black.
  • The body length of the German Shepherd is a medium.
German shepherds having fun at the park and lake

Why do you think the animal you chose is special?

  1. In my opinion German Shepherd is a special animal because the German Shepherd is no ordinary dog Because the German Shepherd is no ordinary dog ​​that is the type of person that is extracting people and serves as a guide dog for the blind.

Would you like this animal us a pet?

Yes I want a pet German shepherd because I love animal and dogs German Shepherd is my favorite kind of dogs.