Panther Pride

Norfolk Jr. High

By Sam Sheaks

Favorite App

My favorite app is backflip madness. It has one button. ONE BUTTON, but backflip madness doesn't care. The first press contracts your legs, the second extends them so you jump, and the third allows you to land on extended, flat feet. If you land on anything BESIDES your feet, your character gets knocked also have a VERY specific area you can land in. After 3 knockouts, you're back at the start. Despite the outrageous difficulty, the game is surprisingly fun and humorous, although I think it might be easier to do a backflip off of a shipping container and over a stack of oil barrels in real life.
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Feature Story

You are an assassin, named Corvo Attano. You have been framed for the murder of an Empress, although you were her bodyguard and you were just at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The main source of power on these islands is called “Whale Oil” which is extremely explosive and flammable. You can use this to your advantage. The Lord Regent locks you up, and you later escape and find “The Loyalists,” which is your team. You can upgrade your equipment according to how you play, as well. The ending depends on how much chaos you cause. You can be stealthy or brutal. You can either assassinate or chokehold guards to put them down, so you can pass, or you can simply pass through stealthily. You are touched by a godlike figure named “The Outsider,” who gives you powers to aid on your adventure. You can choose to use these to cause chaos, or further your stealthy nature. The Loyalists built you a mask, as well, which covers your face and provides magnification to aid in your adventure. Later, the Loyalists betray you and take the empress’s daughter, and you must kill the leader in order to save her.
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Favorite Movie

I Am Legend is a movie about these humans, mutated into "Darkseekers" a primitive race with a thirst for blood. Robert Neville is a scientist who is attempting to find a cure. His only companion is his dog. In order to find a cure, he ventures into shadows and gets their blood. He's close to finding a cure...when a problem arises. Find out what in I Am Legend!
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I Am Legend (2007) - Official Movie Trailer

Nursery Rhyme

An old man by the name of Herbert O’Rhyme was planning on bedding down, but it’s appearing to last for quite a while. During the horrible storm yesterday, he decided to sleep it out, but then a rock slammed through his window, he turned his head, and ended up smacking it against the rock. He has a severe concussion, although doctors are treating him. It is unknown for how long he will be comatose, but he’s expected to pull through. Doctors say he’s in healthy condition, stable, but unconscious as of yesterday, 7:48 P.M. Neighbors investigating the wreckage after the storm, discovered him about an hour after this event. The rock didn’t cause any permanent damage, although it appears he did get to go to bed after all.


I believe that year round schooling may be beneficial, but many students disagree. I tend to disagree as well, as we get breaks in all seasons anyway. There’s no point either, as we all get the same amount of school, it’s just broken up differently, and I’m sure some teachers would complain as well. There is no reason why there should be year-round schooling, besides retention value, but who would want to go to school for 9 weeks, only getting 3 week breaks. I believe that the current schedule is sufficient for proper learning, although there are other counters those who choose to oppose can bring up.

Trading Card Story

Once upon a time, there was a Demon who came out at night, a mysterious Demon. What the demon didn't know was he was being hunted by Satan. There is only one thing to do, it's kill or be killed, and instead of the Reaper making little children miserable, Satan's making the Reaper miserable. The Reaper sees his next victim, so he takes out his staff and then Satan tackles the Reaper and takes him to the Unknown. They have a battle to the death, until Satan's mother came to stop the fight, and she grounds her kid. Meanwhile, Kuolema is having troubles as well. Victims seem to be well prepared against him. He cannot get a proper hold of skin to drag them to Illuusio. Kuolema needs to formulate a plan, and thus seeks advice from the Reaper. The Reaper suggested using a blade or similar device to cut through the clothing and reveal skin. Although Kuolema doesn’t use blades, he decided to give it a try. He sneaks into a person’s house, while they dreamt peacefully, and slowly sliced their sleeve to reveal bare flesh. Kuolema took hold and dragged him to Illuusio where their souls wander indefinitely, perpetually confused and in pain. Kuolema does this for life force, so all is well until something else comes up - the Reaper is competing for victims. Kuolema needs to seek him out and put a stop to this. The Reaper meanwhile is able to get plentiful victims, until he senses something behind him, not living, but not dead. Kuolema opens his mouth and his voice booms out “You need to leave this place, as you are taking victims essential for my life.” The Reaper spins around and smacks Kuolema with the back of his staff, as Kuolema tumbles over. He dashes up toward the Reaper and struggles to find a rip in his clothing, even though he has no flesh. The Reaper attempts to knock Kuolema off of his heels, but is unsuccessful, and Kuolema continues until he is able to grab bare bone, and pulls him to Illuusio. The Reaper is used to being disoriented, being stationed in the underworld, but as Illuusio shifts and warps, he can’t help but become weak and dizzy. Kuolema slides underneath him and grabs his ankles, pulling him down. He steps over the Reaper, now disoriented, and places his hand on the Reaper’s spine. “If you wish to live, you must not interfere with my victims,” Kuolema’s voice rang out. The Reaper disintegrated to ash, and Kuolema never saw him again.

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Coke: 44%

Pepsi: 66%