Maryville Academy Messenger

Dear Parents,

As we enter into this new school year, we will have new ways to think about our environment and our learning. As always, you child's safety is the most important and thus we will need to take additional precautions to address these needs as we go into this 20-21 school year. Please know we do this to help you and the staff. We understand that we need to be flexible with you as you make decisions about the learning environment you will choose for your child. Please know that we are also adjusting to the guidelines and information provided to our school to adjust for our school year. As we are a smaller campus, we have fewer students, but still have the same precautions in place as our feeder schools. You will see similar guidelines here that were taken from and will be followed at our other campuses. We look forward to seeing you (live or virtually) July 30th.


· Face to Face – the student is at MA daily taking courses as usual (July 30th start). Because we are a separate campus and our students are assigned to our school, we request to have our students face to face to fulfill their assigned time at our campus.

Changes at School:

Temperature Checks:

As staff arrive at school, they need to report to a temp check designated area prior to entering their classroom or engaging with students and other staff.

Doors Open at 8:00 a.m. for students with a temperature check station.


  • Signage in bathrooms and common areas – how to reduce the spread and importance of hand washing
  • Develop new cleaning schedule for frequent disinfection of common areas and restrooms
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations for common areas and classrooms


  • MA recommends and encourages that students wear masks before school, at class transitions, in group work situations, and in any large group gatherings.
  • A student may elect to wear a mask at any time.
  • Students may provide their own masks, but masks will also be available for students who request one.

Guidelines for Staff:

  • Staff members will be provided masks and follow school system guidelines for masks.
  • Staff members assigned to check temperatures will have a mask at all times.

The specific guidelines for wearing masks for students and staff will be adjusted based upon current CDC guidelines, community cases, risk analysis, and large group interactions.

Classroom and Additional Changes:

  • Desks all facing the same direction for the majority of instruction.
  • We cannot guarantee 6ft distance between desks in all classrooms – difficult to manage with some class spaces, class sizes, and coursework
  • Doorstops for classrooms to limit door handle contact
  • Additional cleaning supplies provided so that students can clean their area upon arrival to the classroom – “start clean”
  • Teacher masks – when working in close proximity with students.
  • Outside guests will be limited to essential and pre-approved visitation.
  • Field trips – Curricular field trips may still be approved on a case by case basis, but will be limited in scope and size. When requesting approval for a field trip please include how CDC guidelines/school policies regarding COVID-19 will be followed.