Christianity- A World Religion

For we walk by Faith, not by sight -2 Corinthians 5:7

Travel to Rome, to become a Christian today!

Christianity: a growing religion and a powerful source

Christianity, despite the persecution of it's followers, is a powerful force. There are millions of Christians across the Roman Empire and even beyond. Many were appealed and Christianity grew because of a variety of reasons. Some of these include

-Christianity embraces all people, men, women, enslaved people, the poor and the nobles

-Christianity gives hope to those who are powerless

-The religion appeals to those who are repelled by the extravagances of imperial Rome

-Christianity offers a personal relationship with a loving God

-The followers of Christianity are promised eternal life after death

Truly, Truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life. -John 6:47

Christianity is accepted by Roman Emperor Constantine

A critical moment for Christianity has just happened, a year ago A.D. 312 Roman emperor Constantine was fighting three rivals to receive leadership of Rome. While fighting Emperor Constantine prayed for for divine help, he reports then that he saw an image of a cross (a symbol of Christianity). Constantine then ordered the artisans to place the Christian symbol on every one of his soldiers shields. The emperor and his troops fought a hard battle but came out victorious. He credited all of his success to the Christian God. Now only a year later A.D. 313 Emperor Constantine has announced and put an end to the persecution of Christians. So if you travel, you can freely be a Christian now, without being executed! In the edict of Milan he has declared Christianity to be a religion approved by the emperor. With promises that in the future Christianity will be declaredas the empires official religion.

What to expect when traveling to the Christian Church

Christians have now given their religion a structure, much like the Roman Empire has the hierarchy. If you travel to a local Christian church, you are to find a priest that leads a small group of Christians. A Bishop who is also a priest will supervise the service. You may find the Bishop Peter, who was an apostle that traveled to Rome from Jerusalem and became the first Bishop. According to the tradition of Peter, Jesus referred to Peter as the "rock" on which the Christian Church would be built upon. As a result of Peter's connection with Jesus, all priests and bishops traced their authority to Peter. Now, every major city has their own Bishop, they say that Peter was the first Pope, or father of the Christian Church.

Travel to seek the Voice of Truth

Now, that the religion Christianity is growing some disagreements about the beliefs are developing among the followers of Christianity. Church leaders are calling any belief that contradicts the basic teachings a heresy. Recently some of these fights became intense, the intense battles worried church leaders, so they attempted to set a single, official standard of belief for Christianity. These beliefs can now be found in the New Testament, the New Testament contains 4 Gospels, the Epistles of Paul, and some other documents. The New Testament has been added to the Hebrew Bible, which Christians call the Old Testament. The Roman emperor Constantine is still helping make the teachings of Christianity known to the people. Just recently he called church leaders to write the Nicene Creed, which defines the basic beliefs of the church.

Travel to find the Fathers of the Church

The Fathers of the Church are some newly profound Scholars and writers, who are finding and helping in being influential to the teachings of the church. One of the most important of these Fathers who you would want to travel and see is Augustine. He is the bishop of the city of Hippo in North Africa. He teaches that humans need the grace of God to be saved. He also teaches people that you can not receive God's grace unless you belong to the Church and received the sacraments. Augustine is in the process of writing a book called 'The City of God" , the book is supposed to contain writings about the heavenly city, that the city of God could never be destroyed.

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