Medieval Africa

By:Drasia, and Ryan

Languages by: Drasia and Ryan

*They speak several different languages.

*They speak Arabic,Berber,Amnaric,Somali,Olomo.

*the north people spoke languages such as to Hebrew and Arabic.

*the south people spoke languages such as !Kung

*the west people spoke languages such as Yoruba which is related to Bantu.

Trade by Drasia

*The most powerful trade was Zimbabue

*It is an Islamic city where the rulers changed taxes.

*During the 300's king Ezana learned about a new religion christianity

*In 1444 a Portuguese ship docked at a port in Portugal

*Sailors unloaded the cargo-235 enslaved Africans

Music by Drasia

*The Africans played most of there life's

*Africans believed dance allowed the spirits

*They play music to express there feelings

*The drummers sounded out the rhythm.

*the music reminds the Africans about there homeland.

Ibn battuta by Ryan

*A young Arab lawyer.

*Set out in 1325 to. See the Muslim world.

*traveled throughout the lands of Islam.

*He covered more than 73,000 mile

*He went to west Arica in 1352

Farming by Ryan

*They grew grapes,cotton,sugarcane.

*Harvesting sugarcane was hard work.

*Planters could not pay high wages to get workers.

*Plantations brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic.