Infiltrating Media

Media is finding many ways to get into are daily lives.

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Media is infiltrating our lives and making a noticeable impact on people's lives.

Media is so vicious it's finding it's way into people's lives from as early as age one and many of the ads that are shown to kids are food ads.Food ads number one goal is to get your attention and get you to want their food and they will do this by any means necessary.
"Visit YouTube Kids and typically it will not be long before promotions for junk food appear. The advertisements regularly show up in the form of funny contests and animated stories."Media is is on just about every type of electronic it spans from shows to the deepest parts of the internet. Media has become so big that people are starting to get completely consumed by Media and virtually their life is Media."We need to change the rule book so the new digital era can flourish and at the same time make sure we don't go too far." People's lives are being so impacted by media the once on it can change people's behavior, attitudes and even there thinking process can change because of the media wedging itself into our lives. Media is going so far that some schools are even using as a learning tool because kids use it so frequently. My solution to keeping media at bay is to set regulations and rules that set the boundaries and content of the media. Things that would be regulated would be the tactics and how they could affect the population, other things that would be regulated would be were they can be and how much they can be shown to a person.

Texting is affecting our health

The human head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. “Recent research shows that tilting your head at 60 degree angle ; a common angle for texting puts about four (4) bowling balls worth of added force on your spine.” With that amount of pressure added to your neck is very destructive to your neck. About 85% of total Americans have or had cell phones.

That many people using it to text is bad for their health and could lead to other outcomes.

Many people think the leading cause from arthritis is texting. Also pinched nerves can occur in the process along with . Most people today wouldn't dare stop themselves from texting another because the fulfillment they get out of it. What they don't know is that they are ruining their own health from it.

In my opinion, I would keep myself away from long night texting. In that way i could get good sleep and not have my neck sore in the morning. Taking just some hours off the phone from texting and social media could really have a great impact on your health. Going outside or reading could be a good replacement. I think if you want to avoid bad health and pinched nerves then you should stay away from constant texting. Parents need to stop their children from being on the phone to long. With that they can keep them healthy and not have them start early with bad health issues. In advance life isn't about texting, with that mindset you will have to change it early so you don’t suffer in the future