Third Grade News

Issue 8 October 14, 2016

Congratulations to these students for being recognized for showing the character trait respect.

Literacy News from Mrs. Langston @langstonleaders

We are beginning our new book study, Treasure in the Trees. During this study, students will determine the central message and explain how it is conveyed through key details. We will also be working with point of view.

Students had fun working with vocabulary of the book. Groups researched the definition, synonyms, and antonyms of several unfamiliar words.

The Math Scoop with Mrs. Oppenheim

We learned division this week! The students were so excited to have an introduction to division. We realized how important our multiplication facts are because division is "Backwards Multiplication"!

We were practicing division by taking a quantity and dividing it equally into groups. If you would like to see this process, I have a video tutorial on my Youtube page.

Next week we will finish our Unit 1 and start Unit 2. Unit 2 is called "Graphs and Line Plots".

Mrs. Holt-Taylor's Explorers

This week in Science, we completed three stations on rocks. At the Fun With Words stations, students learned vocabulary terms in Quizlet In the Conservation Station; students watched and took notes on some short video clips on the Grand Canyon. At the Reading Comprehension Station, time was spent reading and discussing the Minerals, Rocks and Soil book from Science AtoZ. Next week, we will be digging into the soil.

BookTalks written by Third Graders

October Book Order

The October book order will be submitted Monday, October 24th. Below are two digital order forms. You can also search for specific books.

If your child received a free book coupon, please use it with your order this month. Or you can have your child fill out the coupon and bring it to school this week and I will place the order.

Box Tops Competition Begins

The box tops continues next week. Keep those box tops coming! Ask family members, neighbors, and co-workers to save their Box Tops. Those box tops add up quickly and are an easy way for our school to earn extra money.

Information and Box Tops sheets was in BESt of Times Newsletter. By using the sheets, you child will earn Box Tops "dollars" that they will spend at the Box Top Shop. BOX TOP SHOP: Will be open again the 21st during lunch! In order to “purchase” items at the shop, students MUST use the collection sheets. They will be in the Friday folder, the BES Newsletter and extra copies will be in the office!

Don't forget the new Box Tops Bonus App! Help us easily earn extra money for the things you already purchase. It's easy to use! You select the Bonus offers and take a photo of the receipt showing your purchase.

Student Login in to Google Drive

How to log in into Google Drive at Home


Password: Uppercase first initial Uppercase last initial plus lunch number.

Example: Shannon Langston


Third Grade Sale

Friday, Oct. 28th, 3pm

1052 Jer Les Street

Milford, OH

Parents are welcome to attend. Please have your child bring an extra bag to carry all the items the buy with their third grade money.

Save the Date

Oct. 17th Box Tops Competition Continues

Oct. 17th Bus Driver Appreciation Week

Oct. 18th PTO Meeting 7pm

Oct. 19th Math Night

Oct. 21st End of 1st Quarter

Oct. 26th iSPACE (Langston and Oppenheim)

Oct. 27th iSPACE (Holt-Taylor)

Oct. 27th Conference Night

Oct. 28th Third Garde Sale 3:00

Nov. 1st Conference Night

Nov. 3rd Conference Night