CES Newsletter May/June 2018

-----------------From the Desk of Mrs. Proskey--------------

Parent and Guardians,

Well can you believe it? We are already coming to the close of another wonderful school year. What a year it has been?! I want to THANK YOU, the community, for all of your continuous support throughout the year. All of our teachers, parents and volunteers have worked so hard to move our students forward and make sure this was a successful and exciting year filled with Culver Pride. I am a proud administrator, a parent and a community member!!! We need to keep our efforts going in order to promote our wonderful teachers, programming, students and schools!!

I also want to give a big shout out to the parents and volunteers who help make our incentive programming that we have at the Elementary come to fruition. We value you and appreciate that you give up your valuable time throughout the day to help with BoxTop parties, R.E.A.D. parties, Book Fairs, library programming, attending field trips or just assisting in the classroom either to help the teacher or simply read to a student. Without your generous monetary donations, water, food, and physical help, these events would not be possible!! These events will forever leave an impression on the students. They will remember the fun they had at Culver Elementary and the difference you made in their lives! :)

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate or come in, email me at eproskey@culver.k12.in.us or call me at 574-842-3389.


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May 7th- May 18th- Schedule to be determined


Link to the Culver Elementary School WebPage

By pressing this button, you can view the official Culver Elementary School Webpage, where you can view official documents (the breakfast & lunch menu) and links to the Middle School and High School.

Special Meetings/ Activities/ Dates

  • 5/1- SEAL Dentist Indiana
  • 5/1- Mid-Terms Sent Home
  • 5/2- PTO Meeting at the Admin Building @ 5:00pm
  • 5/3- 1st Grade Field Trip to Fair Oaks Farm
  • 5/4- SCHOOL IN SESSION (C Specials Day)
  • 5/4- Spring Fling (May the Force be with You) @ 6:00pm
  • 5/4- Book Fair Kick-OFF @ the Spring Fling
  • 5/4- ASL Field Trip
  • 5/7- Board Meeting @ 7:00pm @ Admin Building
  • 5/7-5/11 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5/7-5/11 Book Fair
  • 5/7-5/18 NWEA Testing
  • 5/8- Kindergarten to the Culver Public Library
  • 5/10- 6th Grade Shakespeare Play @ CCHMS Auditorium
  • 5/11- 3rd Grade to the Culver Public Library
  • 5/14- READ Deadline
  • 5/15- Marshall County Spelling Bee @ 6:00pm @ H.S. Auditorium (Grades 5-8)
  • 5/16- Band/Choir Concert @ 6:30
  • 5/17 Box Tops to the Park
  • 5/18- 4th Grade to Culver Public Library
  • 5/18- Cool Character Parade @ 1:00 (5/21- Raindate)
  • 5/18- 3rd grade field trip to the Red Gold Potato Farm
  • 5/21-Student of the Month Lunch @ Cafe Max
  • 5/21- Board Meeting @ 7:00pm @ Admin Building
  • 5/22- Kindergarten to Fort Wayne Zoo (5/23- Raindate)
  • 5/22- 5th grade to CCMHS for MS Orientation
  • 5/23- 5th Grade to Culver Public Library
  • 5/24- 4th Grade to Conner Prairie
  • 5/24- 5th Grade Field Trip to South Bend Cubs
  • 5/24- K-3 Read Movie
  • 5/25- 4/5 Read Movie
  • 5/25- 1st grade to the Culver Public Library
  • 5/28- Memorial Day NO SCHOOL! :)
  • 5/30- K-5 End of the Year Awards Day @ 9:00am
  • 5/31- End of Semester
  • 5/31- Senior Breakfast @ Elementary and Senior Parade
  • 5/31- Field Day (Tentative)
  • 5/31- Last Student Day!!!!
  • 6/1- Graduation
  • 6/1- LifePlex Field Trip (Fun and Fitness Fundraiser)
  • 6/4-6/8- IREAD3 Summer School
  • 6/18- Board Meeting @ 7:00pm @ Admin Building


  • 7/16- Board Meeting @ 7:00pm @ Admin Building
  • 7/23- Registration from 8am-8pm @ CCMHS Media Center
  • 7/24- Registration From 10am-7pm @ CCMHS Media Center


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    Harmony Family Access

    Click here to retrieve your children's Harmony Information (report cards, lunch information, grades, homework, etc.)

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    5 skills your child should know before starting Kindergarten

    There comes a time when we are all ready to send our little ones to Kindergarten. I waited an extra year to send ours (you can see why I decided to “red-shirt” my kids here), but now it is almost time to send our second child to Kindergarten.

    I was a teacher and I saw many things that I wish my students had known before coming to Kindergarten. While they aren’t mandatory, these 5 things your child should know before starting Kindergarten certainly help your child to feel more independent. I have been lucky enough to see things from a teacher’s side, as well as from the side as the parent. These things may seem little to you, or not-important, but I can tell you that for your child, they are HUGE. They give your child confidence and they show the teacher that your child is independent and ready to take on Kindergarten! Its the little things that give your child that feeling of success and leadership.

    1. Tie their shoes – this is not as hard as you think. Just let your child practice it in steps. For a few days, teach them to do the X and go through the first loop (the easy part). Do this over & over. Let them tie everything (cushions on chairs, your shoes, aprons, etc…)
    Next, move onto the rest of the tying process (past just making the X). Yes, they will get frustrated… that is a given. Both of our boys became frustrated when learning, but with a little encouragement, they caught on. It took about a week. They were so proud of themselves (our kids had me take a video of them tying their shoe laces to send it to their Dad at work and to their grandparents.) Remember that when you want to jump in and tie it for them, when you are in a rush, or you see your child struggling, that you need to STOP doing that for your kids.

    Ps- These things take away so much classroom time. If I had a penny for each shoelace that I tied when I taught… I would be RICH!! haha!

    2. Open a juice box- Yes, its strange. To be honest, I RARELY send my kids with juice boxes in their lunches, because they drink water with their lunch, but parties and celebrations in schools make this one of those little things that is happening more & more often. When I taught, I felt like I opened 27 juice boxes on those days (Birthdays happen quite often in a classroom with 20+ children).
    How do you teach them to open a juice box? Step-by-step. Take the straw off, open it, insert it into the juice box, drink it, throw it all away (do not wait for the teacher to come by and get it). Easy enough, right? There are many 5 and 6 year olds that do not do this because no one has taught them how. Our four year old LOVES to open his own juice box at parties- he feels like such a “big kid”.

    3. Use the bathroom, wash hands and button their pants alone.
    Again, easy enough. If your child can’t button their pants without help, you might want to send them in different pants. Most kids do not want to walk out, in front of 25 fellow-students, to ask their teacher to button their pants. Practice, practice, practice, to avoid your child being embarrassed.

    4. How to handle getting what they need
    You want your child to take responsibility for themselves. Think about if your child breaks their pencil in class. Will they know that they need to raise their hand to get another one? Or will they sit there, doing nothing, because they don’t know that they need to take care of themselves? One day our son came home and told me that he didn’t eat his yogurt because I didn’t pack him a spoon. I said “Don’t they have spoons there?” and he looked at me like I was crazy, until I explained that if I do not pack him a spoon (or napkin or a straw), he needs to get up, get in line, and take care of his needs. No one is going to do it for him. Remember, you are raising your child to be a responsible adult.

    5. Know the basics! Does your child know their name, phone number, address? These are IMPORTANT! You are relying on adults that have 24+ other students that day. While I’m sure that our kids will be safe, I still make sure that they know these things. I would never want to send our little ones out ‘into the world’ without this information. Oh- and this means their LAST NAME, too, not just their first. If your child doesn’t know this, at least slip a piece of paper in between their sock & their shoe with the info on it. This is what I do when we go out somewhere with a lot of people, like an amusement park… and the kids know to look for it there, in case they “forget”.

    This is an exciting time and I’m sure that your child’s teacher will have a blast teaching your little ones! Enjoy the journey of Kindergarten with your child!


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    Culver Community Preschool Information

    Who: Students who turn 4 by August 1, 2018
    How Long of Day: Mon- Friday/ Full Day
    Where: Culver Elementary School Building
    Transportation: Busing provided If sibling already attends CES
    Cost per Week: $60.00 or Vouchers (Tuition Assistance) accepted

    **** On My Way Pre-K (Tuition Acceptance) Vouchers accepted (information below)


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    On My Way Pre-K (Preschool Tuition Assistance)

    On My Way Pre-K Applications Now Available!

    On My Way Pre-K applications are now being accepted – and we need your help spreading the word!

    Starting today, eligible families in the 20 On My Way Pre-K counties (full list here) can apply for a 2018-2019 pre-K grant by visiting www.OnMyWayPreK.org. This marks the full implementation of the second stage of Indiana’s public-funded pre-K program.

    As a reminder, to be eligible:

    • Families must have an income below 127 percent of the federal poverty level.
    • The child must be 4 years old by August 1, 2018, and starting kindergarten in the 2019/2020 school year.
    • Parents/guardians in the household must be working, going to school or attending job training.

    Links to electronic applications, in both English and Spanish, as well as a printable paper application, are available at www.OnMyWayPreK.org.

    Once enrolled, families may choose from any of the eligible, enrolled On My Way Pre-K programs in their county. Families can search approved providers at www.ChildCareFinder.IN.gov or call 1-800-299-1627 for assistance from an early learning referral specialist.

    More than 5,000 Hoosier children have attended preschool through a grant from the On My Way Pre-K program since it began in 2015. You can help us bring this opportunity to even more Hoosiers by sharing this information with families in your community – scroll down to find cut-and-paste ready messages for sharing.

    Thanks for all you do!

    - Early Learning Indiana


    The Color Run was a Huge Success!! Thank you to PTO for putting on a Spectacular event and to all of the Volunteers and Participants!

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    Book Fair Spirit Week 5/7-5/11

    To celebrate our love of books, Culver Elementary will be having Spirit Week during our Book Fair Week.

    “Paws to Read” book fair dress up days…

    Monday – Disney Day

    Dress as your favorite Disney character or wear a Disney shirt.

    Tuesday – Marvel Day

    Dress as your favorite Marvel character or wear a Marvel shirt.

    Wednesday – Dog Man Day

    Dress as Dog Man or Cat Kid

    Thursday - Pete the Cat

    Be a “Cool Cat” and wear sunglasses.

    Friday – Harry Potter Day

    Dress as a character from the book or wear a Harry Potter shirt.


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    Culver Youth Soccer

    If you are still interested in Culver Youth Soccer or have any questions about the schedule, please contact Bruce Snyder.


    Culver Youth Softball/ Baseball Update

    If you are still interested in joining either boys baseball/girls softball or have any questions about the schedule please email culveryouthleague@gmail.com.


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    Hello friends of Culver's Blessings in a Backpack program!

    We wanted to share with you that your generous donations have allowed us to expand our winter school program where we are providing healthy foods to nearly 100 children at Culver Community Schools. These are kids from pre-k through 12th grade who may otherwise not have access to enough food over the weekend. This past summer, and under the leadership of Laura Spensley, we expanded the program by delivering weekend food for kids at six outlying locations within our Culver Community School District, with the help of many volunteers. We are making plans to continue this hugely successful program this summer.

    We could use additional cash/monetary donations. We have not solicited money in a while because the Bolt for Blessings fun run/walk and community businesses and organizations have enabled us to fund most of our program for the past several years - and those will continue. With the addition of our summer program – reaching many low income children, and our continuing winter program, we will need additional funds to be prepared for the next school year.

    We hope you can help – every dollar makes a difference! All donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions to a non profit 401C.3. Here are the ways to help:

    1. Mail a check made out to Blessings in a Backpack and send to Dianne Johnson, 306 N Ohio St, Culver IN 46511 [ CELL 812.699.1099]

    or to Blessings in a Backpack, Lockbox # 950291, Louisville KY 40295 (designate Culver IN Schools on the check)

    2. Donate on line at www.BlessingsinaBackpack.org/donate


    Please make sure to specify Culver, Indiana on checks or online. If you do not receive a charitable gift receipt from headquarters, AND a hand written note from Dianne Johnson, Coordinator, please let one of us know so we can track down your donation in support of Culver Community Schools. ***This is VERY IMPORTANT*** Without this information, your donation will go to the General Fund.

    Thank you SO MUCH for your support! We truly appreciate all of you and we could not do this without your assistance. If you have questions, please feel free to contact any of the leaders listed below:

    Dianne Johnson, captdianne@att.net, 812-699-1099

    Stephanie Hall, stephanie.hall@culver.org, 574-952-5816

    Tracy Fox, tracy@foodnutritionpolicy.com, 301-922-3570

    Karen Noll, karensnoll@msn.com, 574-274-8195

    Laura Spensley, laspensley@gmail.com, 734-320-6029


    Weather Alerts and Notifications/ Notifying the Office when your Child is Sick

    As the weather starts to really get chilly and students are beginning to catch the flu bug, there are a few things that we need you to remember:
    • Please make sure that your child leaves the house appropriately dressed for the weather. We still go outside for recess even when it is pretty chilly outside.
    • Do not drop your children off at the front door prior to 7:30. The doors do not get unlocked until the assistant gets there at 7:30.
    • If the weather looks like it may be too treacherous for school, please check WNDU, WSBT, or FOX22 for closings or school delays. WROI and WXVI will also be informed of closings and delays. You may also check Culver Elementary's Facebook Page. www.facebook.com/culver.elementary.school (go to the link on this page and "like" our page).
    • If your child is absent please call Yvonne Shepherd at 574-842-3389 or email her at shepherd@culver.k12.in.us.
    • Also remember if your child has a fever, they have to be 24 hours fever free before they come back to school. You never know when that fever may spike back up!


    Culver Boys and Girls Club (Summer Info- Plead Read)

    Director- Mrs. Jessye Gilley
    Asst. Director- Mrs. Criston Zehner
    Phone Number- 574-250-0103
    Fee- $35.00 Per Year (After School) / Field Trips Extra / Daily Rate
    Open- 3:00-7:00 after school / Summer (Other days as determined by Director)

    Summer Information:

    · Program will be open Monday thru Friday 6:30-6:30

    · Cost is $17 dollars per day with active membership for first child and $10 for any child after per family * discounted rates available if need is shown

    · Weekly activities and field trip schedule can be found on our website

    · Parents are also welcome to email or call for additional information




    Culver Communtity Schools Corporation Mission Statement

    All stakeholders will prepare students to become contributing members of society and lifelong learners.

    Culver Community Schools Corporation Vision Statement

    All CCSC students will become respectful leaders encouraging social and moral excellence.

    Culver Community Schools Corporation Belief Statements

    • We believe students, with support from community, family, and educators, will rise to the level of expectations.
    • We believe a well-rounded education at CCSC will foster emotional and intellectual development along with respectful, pro-active communication, in a positive, nurturing, learning environment.
    • We believe that every student at CCSC is a potential leader given proper mentoring.
    • We believe the definition of success is unique to every student.