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The Weekly Newsletter of Clint Small, Jr. Middle School

Newsletter for October 3rd - October 7th

Letter from Principal Nelson

Howdy Cougar Nation!

Firstly, let me start off by saying thanks to all the folks who showed up for Tuesday night’s special session with Dr. Mike Brooks. It was insightful and certainly relevant to our students. Try as we might, we may never be able to be one step ahead of them in regards to their use of technology; our goal is to teach them how to handle it responsibly so we won’t have to. We’re thankful he shared ways to begin the conversation and where we can also seek further advice.

Cold Calling: You may or may not have heard this phrase from your student this year, but it is one of our campus-wide TLC initiatives we are working on. Cold-calling is a way to create and maintain engaged participation by calling on students regardless of whether or not their hands are raised. This is HUGE for creating a classroom community where all students are attentive and supportive of one another. Studies show that when a teacher asks a question, it’s typically the same kids who raise their hands and get called on each time. This just means these students might have a faster processor, or that other students are too shy to contribute. Either way, it’s not fair to the other students who might need more time to let the question marinate before offering a response. Having a fast processor is great for Jeopardy and other game shows, but doesn't bode too well when we try to create classroom culture. Our teachers are working on ways to keep kids engaged and on their toes throughout the lesson, and this form of informal assessment does just the trick. Kids also now that we do not accept “I don’t know” as an answer. This is where our No Opt Out initiative comes into play which we will discuss next week.

We’ve several new campus-wide initiatives and systems we are working on this year to ensure our students are engaged, focused, and college ready. If you’d like to see your student’s in action, and hear more about some our great programs and initiatives then please join me for a Principal’s Learning Walk on November 9th at 8:30 am. More details to follow.

Twitter Feed: If you’re curious as to what your kids are creating or learning during the day, be sure to follow me on Twitter @smallprincipal I try to update it daily with what is going on a school and share pictures from the various events I am lucky enough to attend.

Matthew Nelson


Small Middle School

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A Message from our PTA

Thank you to everyone that came out to our PTA Meeting with guest speaker Dr. Brooks. Please put November 10 at 6:00 on your calendar for our next general meeting.

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Did you know...

...there is an online newspaper that is completely done by our students? Check out The Cougar Online for stories and pictures created by the students!

Click here for the Cougar online

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Wednesday morning.

TAX FREE Family Night:

Thursday, October 6th

3:40pm – 6pm

All students, faculty and staff attending Thursday’s Tax Free Family Night between 3:40 and 6 p.m. can enter a drawing for a book fair gift certificate of $25.00!

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Free & Reduced Lunch

If your child was on Free & Reduced lunch last year, remember you need to fill out an application every school year. Those who have not filled out an application for this school year 2016-17, please pick up a form from the front office or counseling office.

Your child will be on PAID status for meals beginning Monday, October 3.

For faster service please use the online application at or take your application to the AISD Food Services Office at the Baker Center, 3908 Ave. B, Room 213.

If you need to contact the Food Services Office please call 512-414-0251

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Small Middle School Parents and Athletes:

Don't Forget.....You are invited

Bowie High Mountain Bike Team and South Austin Composite Middle School Parent/Athlete Meeting

Thursday, October 13th 6:30 pm

Bowie High School-Cafeteria

Athletes are welcome and should accompany their parents. Open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls and boys.

Come find out everything about the upcoming season. Bring your check books, complete packet paperwork, get signed up and order uniforms/kits and t-shirts at the meeting.

Email us at: for additional info.