The Life of CS Lewis

By: Arista Avila

Life of CS Lewis

CS Lewis was born in Belfast , Ireland on November 29,1898 to Albert Lewis an Flora Hamilton Lewis. He is the youngs son to Albert an Flora Lewis, his older brother is Warren Hamilton Lewis, Warine,was born three years be for him. His early childhood was happy an carefree. His family lived in a gabled house with dark, narrow passages amd an over grown garden. his brother an him use to play i nthe garden as children. In 1908 lewis mother died of cancer, barely an month ofter her death him an his brother were sent to a boarding school in England. Lewis hated the school becase of its strict rules, but lucky for him the school was shut down in 1910 an he was able to return to home.

In 1916 CS Lewis was accepted to Oxford University, soon after Lewis volunteer for duty in World War 1 to serve in the British Army. In 1918 Lewis returnd to Oxford an continued his studys. He remained at Oxfored in tell he became a professor. In addison to teaching lewis began to published books,his first book was The Pilgrim's Regress . Later on CS Lewis made The lion the Witch and the Wardrobe