Wanted For:

-Being in jewelry, currency, solar shields, and building structures, as well with many other ancient relics.


-The Egyption word for gold was "nub" for the land they got most of the gold they owned, Nubia, which is south of Egypt.
-The word for gold is similar for the word 'yellow', geolo, and is an Anglo-Saxon word.


-Gold is a soft, golden yellow, malleable metal that is used for many things including solar shields and jewelry. It is solid at room temperature. Because of it's rarity, it is very valuable.

-It's atomic mass is 196.967.

-It's atomic number is number 79.

First Seen:

No one is sure when gold was first discovered, but it was probably first found in a river bed.

Report of First Arrest:

No one is sure when gold was first discovered, but many guess at least 2600 years ago

(prehistoric times). Traces of people using gold was found in Bulgaria from 4500-4000 b.c.

Last Seen:

-Hanging out with group 11 which consists of silver and copper.

-Can be found in the Earth's crust or in riverbanks/riverbeds.

Known Assosiates:

-Can be dissolved by aqua regia,and can react with iodine, I2, to form the monohalide gold(I) chloride, AuI. It can also react with chlorine, Cl2, or bromine, Br2, to form the trihalides gold(III) chloride, AuCl3, or gold(III) bromide, AuBr3.

-2Au(s) + 3Cl2(g) = 2AuCl3(s)

Warning Label:

Gold in it's pure form is not dangerous. It is a non-toxic substance.


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