Albert Bandura

Contemporary Psychologist

What is he famous for?

Originator of social learning thoery and the theoretical construct of efficiency. Also responsible for the 1961 Bobo doll experiments.

How did is research affect the field of psychology?

He founded observational learning (or modeling) which can be used to explain a wide variety of behaviors.

How did his research change our understanding of how people act and think?

When he founded observational learning, he was able to change how we understand the minds of children. One example would be the Bobo doll experiment. The adult would be instructed to do something, and the child would watch. After the adult was finished, the child would then try to replicate what the adult did.

How did the time period they lived in affect their research or how their research was received?

In 1961 when he was conducting his research, he lived in a remote area (Mundare, Alberta) so he did not have access to so of the more advanced technology. Bandura became independent and self-motivated in terms of learning. Those traits helped him in his lengthy.