You were born to stand out.

Makayla Chittenden

Mean Girls

I used to want to be in the 'in' crowd, but I've learned that i just meed to be who I am. In Mean Girls it states, "I had gone from home-schooled jungle freak, to shiny plastic, to the most hated person I'm the world, to being a normal person." This is about me because I used to always have to fit it, but then i realized that you can be friends with everybody but carefully choose your 'best' friends.

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Polka Dots

A picture of polka dots represents my identity because I'm am always outspoken and say what is on me mind. Some people say i have 'no filter', but i learn to control it. Also, I'm am very loud, i talk more than I think, and sometimes i don't think about what i am saying. I like to have a positive attitude towards everything because it makes everything more easy.

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Fit In The Crowd With Being Who You Are

This article tells things on how to act and how to not act around people if you want them to like you. One of them states that you shouldn't take a joke so serious because the people your with will think its actually true and get annoyed. Another states that you shouldn't be mean. Be friends with everybody without drama. Don't be the cause of drama. KEEP PROMISES If you cant keep a promise, don't make one.The main point is to be your self and nobody else. You're unique and are born to stand out.

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