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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



May 23 House Meeting: Celebration Information &Song Choreography (details in email)

May 23 Retirement Party in the Cafeteria

May 24 2nd-5th Social Studies CBA

May 25 Carrier Day in Specials

May 25 Pre-K Graduation in the Cafeteria (8:30 and 2:00)

May 26 2nd-4th Science CBA

May 26 Kindergarten Graduation in Cafeteria 1:30-2:30

May 27 Field Day

May 30 Holiday

May 30 House points due by the end of the day (see below)

May 31 Student 1/2 Day End of Year Party Day

May 31 School Dance from 12:30-3:30

June 1 Student 1/2 Day Special House Meeting: Whole School

Someone is very likely to play School's Out Forever over the intercom after all students have left

June 2 AM Breakfast int the Cafeteria at 8:30 (required meeting) & Teacher Last Day of School

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BISD Survey

Yes, this is a different survey from the one you did last week:

BISD is conducting a survey of campus staff, students in grades 3–12, and parents May 16–26. The purpose of the survey is to gain insight on safety concerns across the District.

Audience: Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members

When: May 16–26

It is important that you take this opportunity to provide valuable information to District leadership regarding school safety. “Click Here” to take the survey.

Check Out Lists

Please double check your check out lists. There are several items that should be checked off your list. We want to make sure this progression makes it to where no one is rushed on the last day. Please ask Erin or I if you have any questions.

Last Week of School

Discipline often becomes an issue when there is not purposeful learning taking place, unclear expectations, or lose structure . It is more important than ever to impart quality instruction that makes a lasting impact over the summer. Ensure to continue teaching and learning at high levels this last week.

There is a good chance of rain this week. Make sure you have a full day of classroom lesson plans for every day, including Field Day, in the possibility that this is cancelled.



Please double check all students in your homeroom to make sure they are on this sheet and in the correct house (right click on the number by their name and add a row above to create a line for a new student).

Please have this completed by the end of the day on Monday the 30th, so I can send the final copies out ASAP.

Celebrate individual student accomplishments and pass out magnets at your classroom or graduation ceremonies. Students will still be honored in their houses at the last house meeting as groups.

2016 BISD Ranger Night is June 3rd @ 7:05 PM

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Campus Sign Out

If you are leaving campus for any reason before 3:45, you must use the sign out sheet in the office so we can all be informed. Thank you.

TAGT on Demand

Birdville’s license to TAGT Online classes will expire on May 31st. If you are currently taking classes for your update hours please try to finish them. The license will be renewed during the summer. Remember to submit your completed hours to Eduphoria.

There are several opportunities this summer for GT hours. At my meeting last Friday, the department decided the station trainings could count as 6 hours, if teachers design and implement stations during the 2016-2017 school year. I would highly recommend any of these courses!

Stations for GT and High –Level (K-2) (3 Hour Update)

K-2 teachers

Gifted and Talented Interventionists will work with teachers of grades K-2 in developing stations with accountability for high-achieving and gifted students.






HHS Omni Room

Stations for GT and High –Level (3-5) (3 Hour Update)

3-5 teachers

Gifted and Talented Interventionists will work with teachers of grades 3-5 in developing stations with accountability for high-achieving and gifted students.






HHS Omni Room

Habitudes for Genius Learning (6 Hour Update)

Administrators and K-12 teachers

Angela Maiers, nationally known keynote speaker, will present a workshop on how to apply the 7 habitudes (imagination, curiosity, self-awareness, perseverance, courage, adaptability, and passion) to 21st century classrooms. She will offer teachers activities, tools and strategies that appeal to 21st century learners.


All Day


Online Campus Transfer Requests: March 21 - Summer

I have 2 primary goals as a principal and I see these as overlapping priorities: for every student to receive the best possible education and for every adult I serve to love doing this. If you for any reason would like to transfer to a different position, grade level or school- please let me know and I will do everything I can to help you. Please come ask me if you have any questions. Thank you

Reminders and Focus

  • The gates will be locked during school hours and can be opened by your key. During the school day (7:30-4:00 on none Aspire days: 7:00-6:00 on Aspire days) these gates are to be treated like an exterior door. Adults and teenagers should not enter these and should go through the main doors, even at dismissal.

  • Our goal is to be level 3 (or moving close to it) in most areas on the district rubric for TEKS centered teaching. I have seen many great examples of students interacting with the TEKS in class. Be sure to not only post them, but have discussions so that students understand the goal of their learning.
  • Continue to build strong, positive relationships with all the students. Smile often. Choose to see the good and positive. Focus on growth and celebrate often. Nothing is more helpful in the learning process than the effects of trust and joy.
  • PLC's should be meeting weekly to answer the 4 questions. Common Formative Assessments should done after mapping out the six weeks, then planning for learning should take place. If you need any support in this, please contact our coaches, Erin, and myself.
  • Rigor, relevance, and engagement strategies should be focus on when planning student learning tasks.
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