Look Out Below

Who made the discovery and How did it work?

In 1876 John Phillip Holland made a discovery about submarines. He didn't necessarily make the discovery of the submarine but he made one of the first functional submarines. He had to make a lot of designs before he found the right one. He was turned down the first time he asked for funding but eventually he found someone to give him funding. When he finally found one that he thought would work didn't work, so he had to go back to the drawing board. Once he found the right design that worked he had to test it. When he tested it it worked pretty nice. After the test the U.S Navy bought it and the idea.

The submarine was driven by a combustion engine on the surface, but used battery power when submerged, it was fitted with both ballast and compressed air tanks. In an initial trial, the submarine made 3-1/2 knots on the surface and was able to stay submerged for over an hour and successfully return to the surface.