Crazy Costa Rica

By: Austin B


Costa Rica is the most adventurous place in the world. If you want the most exciting vacation of your life you must go here. Costa Rica is the best place for snorkeling, sightseeing, meeting crazy wildlife and much much more. But you got to act soon because now is the best time to go. Costa Rica has something called dry season which starts in December and end in April. And because of this the weather will be amazing.


My first topic is snorkling. Costa rica is amazing for this because of all of the marine life like, green sea turtles, white tip reef shark, leatherback sea turtle, 25 or more species of dolphins and whales, Neotropical River Otters and many more. Every time you go snorkeling the profit will go towards saving the River Otters and give them a safe place to live. And that is just marine life.


My second topic is sightseeing. There are so many amazing places to see in Costa rica like the Arenal Volcano, Three amazing national parks and much more. So if you love to see amazing places like these you must go here. You can do things swim in the La Fortuna Waterfall, explore The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design and much more. Research shows that 89% of the people that travel to costa rica must see these places.
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Costa Rica's Wildlife

And my last topic is wildlife. Costa rica is known for its amazing wildlife for they have over 500,000 species living there. fun fact 300,000 of those are insects. I know insects can be gross but there is 200,000 more species to see. Like the colored red-eyed tree frog, Capuchin monkeys, scarlet macaw and more. there are so many amazing animals here and you can do so much with them you can see what they do in the wild, play with them, hold them even adopt one in need. so if you would love to see an exotic animals this is the place to go.


In conclusion I think Costa rica is an amazing place to go on a vacation. with all of its amazing places, wildlife and just all around fun things to do. So if you love any of these things you must go here. I hope know you love Costa rica as much as i do.