Math Games!

8th grade Math Objectives Game Design


Kahoot is an online game that is easy to build.
How to make your first kahoot


Quizizz is an online game that shows funny memes to let you know when you get an answer right or wrong.
Creating a Quiz in Quizizz


Quizlet is an online flashcard game that is built with vocabulary and definitions. For your game, you can do some vocabulary and some problems.
Quizlet - Creating a Study Set - Tech Tool of the Month - Part #1

Build-Your-Own Online Learning Game!

Look at Kahoot, Quizizz, and Quizlet and decide which one you like best. Kahoot and Quizizz are both multiple choice quiz games, so you will have to create a few wrong answers for each question. Quizlet is a digital flashcard site with a few different game options.

Log in email for each of these options:

password: mustangs15

Project Parameters

  • 20 questions each
  • an appropriate image for each question
  • save each project with the title being your names and topic