Houk Headlines

February 1- February 12

Important dates:

2/15 Presidents Day- No school

2/20 Winter Carnival- 10am

2/24 Early Release- Dismissal at 2pm

Please Note: Please remind your child to record his or her WEB reading minutes, on the February WEB calendar, on a daily basis.


The past few weeks, we have been busy learning about immigration. We began by learning about Ellis Island and its importance in our history. The students had so many questions as we read articles, read books, and watched videos about Ellis Island. One of the texts we read, called A Day's Work, helped us to learn about some of the challenges an immigrant may face when moving to a new country. We will continue to learn more about immigration throughout the next few weeks.

We also took some time to read a few books about our nations presidents in honor of President's Day. We read, So You Want to be President, which taught us several fun and interesting facts about many of our nation's presidents.

Lastly, in writing, we began a special "My Life" writing project. This is a very exciting project because each student will eventually get their own published book! I greatly appreciate you taking some time to meet with your child and share with them some information from when he/she was born. We cannot wait to see the finished product!


The past few weeks, we have dug deeper into multiplication and division by working with extended facts. We have been practicing using the basic facts to help us multiply and divide larger, double and triple digit numbers. We will continue to practice multiplication and division on a daily basis and I strongly encourage your child to continue to practice his or her facts at home as well. Late next week, we will be taking a unit assessment and will then begin our new unit on fractions.

Looking ahead, we will continue to take multiplication timed tests 1-2 times per week to help gain fluency of facts. Please continue to encourage your child to practice his or her facts on a daily basis!

Social Studies

In addition to learning about immigration, the past few weeks in social studies, we also spent time learning about directions on a map. We learned how to use a compass rose to determine what direction we are traveling from different points on a map. Looking ahead, we will continue to dig deeper into immigration next week and will also be beginning our next science unit on water.

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