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School Wide Literacy Initiative May 2016

"Once you learn to read you will be free forever"

— Frederick Douglas

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Summer Reading Tips for Parents By: Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities

Summer shouldn't mean taking a break from learning, especially reading. Studies show that most students experience a loss of reading skills over the summer months, but children who continue to read will gain skills.

Efforts should be made during the summer to help children sustain reading skills, practice reading and read for enjoyment. Parents should remember that children need free time in the summer to relax and enjoy the pleasures of childhood. So summer reading should be fun. Following are a few tips to make reading enjoyable for your children this summer:

· Set a good example!

Parents must be willing to model behavior for their children. Keep lots of reading material around the house. Turn off the TV and have each person read his or her book, including the adults in the house.

· Read the same book your child is reading and discuss it.

This is the way to develop habits of the mind and build capacity for thought and insight.

· Let kids choose what they want to read, and don't turn your nose up at popular fiction.

It will only discourage the reading habit.

· Buy books on tape, especially for a child with a learning disability.

Listen to them in the car, or turn off the TV and have the family listen to them together.

· Take your children to the library regularly.

Check the library calendar for special summer reading activities and events. Libraries also provide age appropriate lists for summer reading.

Digitals Book Available for All Hughes STEM Students

Thanks to the White House and Michelle Obama

The Open eBooks Middle and High School Collection gives students instant access to thousands of popular and engaging titles for Grades 5 - 12. Students and their families can instantly download up to 10 eBooks at a time to a mobile digital device. Each eBook will be available for 56 days before it must be renewed.

Please have your student see Mrs Oglegree or Ms Lynch during their lunch in the Book Nook (room 1122) for the access code and pin they need in order to begin downloading the ebook collection.

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BIG Red Book Nook (Room 1122)

The Book Nook continues to be a place where students spend their lunch involved in activities that promote literacy.

  • We are open daily in Room 1122
  • 7/8 and 9/10th grader students can come during their lunch.

Take a look at our library - link below. Feel free to let us know if you would like to read a book or better yet, join us in the Book Nook and model independent reading.

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There are multiple after-school clubs that involve literacy....Find one and join!

Anime Manga Graphic Novels

Room 2139 on Tuesdays from 3:20-4:20.

Ms Lynch and Mrs Ogletree

Freedom Writers

Room 3134 on Wednesdays from 3:20-4:20

Ms Trytten

Louder Than A Bomb

Room 3134 on Tuesdays from 3:20-4:20

Mr Williams