why it was dragged on for so long

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was a war between the democratic South and communist North. US supported the South side and tried to help them to become democratic, but after two years all of Vietnam became communist so the previous fighting was all in vain.

Douglas MacArthur

Douglas MacArthur was a US general who was chosen to lead the United Nations troops. He was important in how long the war lasted because he was reckless and aggressive and always wanted to take action. Always making the initiative to instigate or respond with violence irritated relations and built tensions which expanded the length of the war.

Cuban Missile Crisis

The cuban missile crisis was the event where the Soviet Union moved 42 missiles into Cuba and then forced the US into negotiation. The instigation by the Soviet union and the threat of an attack on the US definitely raised tensioned and cut off any good relations that remained.


Brinkmanship is the foreign policy where one or both sides come close to starting war and fighting but actually don't. This method of getting as close to war with out actually starting it being on the "brink" was used to give one side an advantage because they knew the other side would negotiate to avoid fighting.

Yalta Conference

The yalta conference was a meet up including Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and FDR where they made promises and agreements. After this conference many of these promises were broken so each country was upset and felt betrayal and as though they couldn't trust anyone because of the broken promises.

Iron Curtain

The iron curtain was a political, military, and ideological boundary that separated the Soviet Union. It separated the east and the west but had no real significance or purpose and just increased tensions and prolonged the war.

Truman Doctrine

The truman doctrine was a presidential message that was given to Congress. It stated that the US would provide help to any foreign country that was being threatened by an external communist country, this committed the US to be involved and fight in foreign issues.

Marshall Plan

The Marshall plan was the "European recovery program" it involved the US giving money to try and help European economies. The US support and involvement would raise tensions with other countries and other non allies.