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#MysterySKYPE in the Classroom

I will be recruiting. It is so much fun and the students get to practice skills across all subject areas.

Here are the rules and how to play!

Who wants to be the first one to try it after the new year?! or now?!

SPRING workshops from the Office of Digital Learning

I've taken a few so far and really like them. Let me know if you are interested...maybe we can take some together!

Vocabulary Practice with Interactive Websites

Did you know...Spelling/Vocabulary City can be used for Math and Content too?

Watch this to see the activities that can be done on Spelling Vocabulary City!

Wonders Vocabulary Activities

Turtle Diaries Vocabulary Activities (primary)

Checking for Understanding & Other Low Tech Tools

Click here

to Download a PDF list of 53 Ways to Check for Understanding.

Click here

for a list of low tech tools to assess your students and incorporate collaboration.

I've sent these before, but I love them for new ideas.

Dreambox Training

December 17th




Loyola Grad Center

**I will be receiving this training at my STAT meeting. We can meet in grade levels or individually if you would like more info on using Dreambox data to support instruction**

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How to use my finger...(in an effective way) ^^^^^^

Kathy Fox had a great suggestion to use these with students as reading pointers. I have a few extra if anyone would like some.

Ugly Sweater and Ugly Holiday Attire

Don't forget to wear your Ugly Holiday Attire on Monday!