Tool You Can Use: Padlet

Basic Introduction to Padlet at Leeward CC

What is Padlet?

Padlet is a visual digital interactive online bulletin board service in which students can post and organize their thoughts and reflections. Learn more through watching this amazing Spring 2020 presentation on how Professor Donna Matsumoto uses Padlet to support interaction and active learning in her classes.

Interested? Request a Leeward CC Padlet account below and sign up for our live info. session on February 5 to learn more.

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Request a Leeward CC Padlet Account

Use this form to request a Padlet account through Leeward CC. Note that there are some differences between Padlet Free and Institutional Backpack accounts.

Attend our Padlet Info. Session to Learn More!

Attend this session to learn more about our Leeward CC Padlet service (Institutional Backpack license, 1 - year).

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Friday, Feb. 5th, 9am

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