Industrial Production

Britain was the leader in industrial production

Industrial production was a great and easy thing for Great Britain.

Natural Resources

One reason that production for the industrial revolution happened quicker and easier than most countries was because there abundance in natural resources. Britain had many things needed for most things used in the revolution such as coal, good water supplies, and money.


During the industrial revolution, Great Britain had Political liberalism and naval power aiding them with money for their inventions.


Britain was also in a better position economically, politically, and intellectually than most other countries at the time.


Industrial production was a good thing for everyone because there were many inventions that we use today and some feel are needed to run almost everything during this time. Things such as steam power, transportation like the train, automobile, boat, and airplane, and communications like the telephone.


Industrial production was a giant leap for man kind and Britain was the great spark to ignite it.