By: Gavin Robinson

Background info

  • black or brown rock
  • Most abundant fossil fuel
  • carbon based
  • makes 40% of worlds electricity

How coal is created

  • plants die and decay(called peat)
  • sediment piles on top of peat
  • pressure over thousands of years
  • turns into coal

How coal is obtained

  • close to surface - open pit mine
  • mountainous are - underground mine
  • coal mining is dangerous
  • must be crushed, sized, blended

History Of Coal

  • China used coal over 3000 years ago
  • Greek used coal - 4th century bc
  • Romans used coal through their empire


  • can be ignited for heat energy
  • keeps buildings warm
  • chemicals in coal - dyes, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals
  • production of electricity

How coal generators work

  • coal is bunt and heats water
  • water turns into vapor
  • spins turbine
  • generates electricity with magnets
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intersting facts

  • under microscope plant cells are seen
  • world uses 8.5 billion tons each year
  • China uses the most coal
  • 2,500 coal mines in America