DDA: Interim 3

Directions & Guidelines - Read Me First!

Go, Grow, KNOW, Show

It's time to KNOW how we're progressing on the AKS so far this year.

Mid Year Interim Testing Window @ Alcova: March 13 - 24, 2017

Teachers can preview the assessment during the week of March 6th, but no tests should be administered @ Alcova before March 13.

Administration Mode

All tests will be administered online using the "Secure Tester" icon on the desktop.

We will not have an official reservation process for the labs during the testing window. Each classroom teacher is responsible for scheduling all required tests during the window and administering those test in the appropriate environment. This could happen in your classroom using a class set of laptops that you assemble from your grade level colleagues. It could take place in a lab that you sign out using the usual sign out system. It could happen by reserving a cart of laptops from the media center. It should happen as a whole class event. The test administration must be monitored by the teacher following all safety and security procedures included in our beginning of the year training (the link to the emaze presentation can be found in the Alcova Assessment Community).

Every teacher should retrieve his/her own Testing ID/Code!!!

Please do not print and share testing codes. Each teacher should log in to Schoolnet via the portal to obtain the appropriate testing codes for each test. Test codes should not be printed and given to students. Write the testing code on the board until all students have logged in to the test and then erase it. Testing codes should not be left visibile after the class period in which testing has taken place.

Required Testing for Interim 1

The following District Assessments are to be administered during the Interim 3 testing window:

1st Grade: ELA & Math

2nd Grade: ELA & Math

3rd Grade: ELA. Math, Science, & Social Studies

4th Grade: ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies

5th Grade: ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies

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Small Group Testing

*For small groups, please remember that the test will be read to all 1st graders via the computer program. Students in these grade levels will not need to be pulled for the read aloud accommodation.

*Tests are not read aloud to all 2nd graders for the last part of the year. The only 2nd grade students who receive read aloud are those with the accommodations written in their IEPs or TPPs.

*It is the duty of the students’ case manager to communicate clearly with the general education teachers so that they are aware of the accommodations required by each student’s IEP and verified that the general education teachers are aware of the small group testing schedule. However, this does not remove any responsibility from the general education teacher to make sure that he/she carefully reviews all information posted concerning accommodations. All teachers must work together to ensure that the correct accommodations are give to the appropriate students.

*Small group assessment facilitators must obtain all testing information (Test IDs, bubble sheets when appropriate, etc.) directly from SchoolNet or an administrator for my testing groups.

*The list of testing accommodations and EL exemptions has been combined in to one list and is posted on the Alcova Assessment Community page.

*Small group lists and schedules are also posted on the Alcova Assessment Community page. ALL TEACHERS SHOULD CAREFULLY REVIEW THIS. These are detailed lists of who students with accommodations will test with and when they will test.

*Test completion will be monitored closely to make sure everyone is staying on track.

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Reporting Interim Grades

Interim 3 grades will be reported on the Semester 2 report card. All grades entered in the grade book should be based on the Grade Conversion charts that can be retrieved from Schoolnet or found in the eClass "Teacher Accountability and Assessment Resource Center" page.
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Please Use the Proctor Dashboard!

Teachers should use the proctor dashboard during the upcoming district assessment testing window. Directions for teachers can be found in the Alcova Assessment Community.