Mini-Research Mission

Colin McTernan, 9/10, May 11 2015

What are The Effects Of A Terrorist Takeover On A Country?


Effect 1- The peoples beliefs will change

Citation 1- "People thought that he was a good interpreter of the Holy Quran and admired his charisma." page 113

Citation 2- "In the words of the holy Quran it is not written that men should go outside and the woman should work all day in the home." page 116

Citation 3- "Yet my mother still believed it was written in the Quran that women should not go out and women should not talk to men other than relatives they cannot marry." page 117

Effect 2- People were killed

Citation 1- "I was shot by a Taliban bullet and flown out of Pakistan unconscious." page 3

Citation 2- "His men began killing Khans and political activists from secular and nationalist parties especially the Awami National Party." page 121

Citation 3- "The first school to be blown up was Shawar Zangay, a government girls primary school in Matta." page 137


Effect 1- People were not able to leave the country

Citation 1- "Al Qaeda seized control of a major airport, a seaport and an oil terminal in southern Yemen on Thursday, consolidating it's hold on the country's largest province amid wider chaos pitting Shiite rebels against forces loyal to the exiled president and a Saudi-led air campaign."

Citation 2- "The militants then seized control of the Riyan airport and moved to secure their hold on the city's main seaport, which is also an oil terminal."

Citation 3- "A smaller air defense brigade handed over it's camps to Al Qaeda, apparently to avoid clashes, Al-Kathirr said."

Effect 2- It will bring war

Citation 1- "Al Qaeda militants have taken control of a strategic military camp in the city of Mukalla in southeastern Yemen, seizing tanks, artillery and other heavy artillery."

Citation 2- "Residents of Mukalla, the capital of Hadramawt Province, said the army camp fell into the Islamists' hands without residence."

Citation 3- "The Shia Houthi rebels took control of Yemen's capital, Sanaq, in September 2014, forcing president Hadi to flee to Sudi Arabia and are now fighting for the strategic port city of Aden."


Effect 1- It will bring unwanted attetion

Citation 1- "Just like the conflicts in Iraq and Syria, the violence in eastern Ukraine is attracting foreign fighters-some with the pro-Russian separatists, and some of the Ukrainian government forces."

Citation 2- "True, the numbers of foreigners fighting in Ukraine's Donbass religion appear to be relatively low-perhaps 300 on each side."

Citation 3- "Nonetheless, there are enough foreign fighters in Ukraine for the issue to deserve the attention of European government."

Effect 2- Constant Public Fear

Citation 1- "As fighting continues to escalate in east Ukraine a pro-Russian separatist group calling itself the 'Kharkiv partisans' declared Tuesday that it would execute five Ukrainian civilians for every communist monument destroyed, underscoring worries that a resent law banning soviet symbols might excavate tensions in the war ton country."

Citation 2- "Their fate will be the same as the monuments they've destroyed"

Citation 3- "They (Kharkiv) already wanted to kill the Ukrainians."

What I Have Learned Overall

Something's in the world happen to everyone like terrorists and other kinds of groups that plot to hurt people. But its the way that they affect the country or state that's different. Or how we recover. But something's are cultural like how they can defeat the terrorist or call in help because it might go against their culture or religion.

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