The 1880-1920

Ashamed or Proud?

The Dawes Act

This act allowed the United States to survey and divide Native american land to be sold off to American citizens in an effort to get them to move west. In turn it drove the Native americans back. I am ashamed of this act because it drove the Indians away.

California Gold Rush

This was a huge rush of people into the area of California in search of Gold. Not only did they indeed find large amounts of gold to be rotated into the United States economy. It also led to the creation of California as a state. I am proud of this because it led to the creation of California.

Social Darwinism

This was a theory that natural selection occurs in society just as it occurs in nature. For example, the powerful and rich will continue to get more wealthy and powerful and vise versa for the poor. I am ashamed that the people let this crazy idea persuade them.

Chinese Exclusion Act

A United States Federal Law that prohibited the free immigration of Chinese and other asian decendants into the United States due to the large number of immigrants already in the country. I am ashamed because this law is simply racist.

New Immigrants

The influx of New Immigrants to the United States were largely from the western parts of Europe. Unlike the Old Immigrants these new people did not come from money and many were very poor. They also had no work skills like the Old Immigrants I am ashamed of this not because they came but because when they came they were criticized and shunned.


When the New Immigrants would come America because many of them were poor they had no other choice but to stay in tenements. Tenements were tiny apartments in the slums. These apartments were dirty and whole families would be forced to stay in them. I am ashamed because the cities let people live in these standards

Political Machines

When the immigrants would come to America they would usually have little to no money. So Political Machines would find them places to stay and jobs to get them on their feet. But they would force these people to vote for their political candidates so they could stay in power. I am ashamed that people would use other citizens like this.

Rural to Urban Migration

During the period of urbanization there was a huge influx of people into the cities. this is because where in rural areas the work was becoming harder to find there was plenty of work in the cities. So families would begin to move into the cities. I am proud that families moved to create a better life for themselves.


The use of infrastructure led to the creation of huge cities. The cities would start to grow up and out to create larger cities and more jobs. It also led to the creation of a public transportation and sanitation system. I am proud that people began fixing the sanitation problems in the city.

Square Deal

This deal was created by Teddy Roosevelt. It focused on helping the lower and middle class americans. It was also created to help find and attack bad trust. It was formed upon three basic ideas. Conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. I am proud that big monopolies were being taken down.

Interstate Commerce

This is the regulation of the Railroad companies. This act was designed so that the railroad could not become a monopoly. It would require the railroads to keep there rates fair as to not dominate market. I am proud that the monopoly that was the railroad company was taken down.

Social Gospel Movement

A movement that encouraged people of wealth to give back to the community. Because of this many buildings like Carnegie Hall were donated to the community. Andrew Carnegie was a huge supporter of this. I am proud that the rich began to give back to their communities.

The Roosevelt Corollary

The Roosevelt Corollary was an addition to the Monroe Doctrine Teddy Roosevelt added after the Venezuelan Crisis of 1902. The Monroe Doctrine was a foreign policy that prevented any other European countries from Colonizing the United States (Proud)

Spanish American War

America had huge economical interest in Cuba. Cuba has large amounts of natural resources. So America declared war on Spain to help Cuba win and protect their own interests. I am ashamed that our country would declare war simply for economical interest.

Sanford Dole

Dole was a jurist in hawaii before its westernization. After the overthrow of the queen he was appointed the new president of Hawaii. He then helped with the annexation of Hawaii to become a state In the United States.

Arms Race

Before the outbreak of World War I many countries entered into the arms race. They would begin stockpiling large amounts of weapons and ammo as fast as they could. This began to create tension between all the countries. I am proud that our country would defend itself and compete with other countries.

War Bonds

These are securities that citizens can buy. They help the country pay for things it needs during World War One I. There were many propaganda posters that depicted soldiers asking the citizens to help their country. I am proud that our country would support the troops in any way it could.

Rationing of Resources

During war time the United States and all its citizens began to cut back on the amount of food and resources it was using. All the left over resources would then be shipped to the soldiers so they could use it. The people were only allowed certain amounts of their food. I am proud that our country would give up their supplies to help the troops